Monday, September 01, 2008

SkyTrex Adventure

On the day of Merdeka Eve, my Rotaract club planned an outdoor event in Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam.

From the entrance to the venue: Bus.

RM35 per adult, for the entire SkyTrex route. FYI, SkyTrex is a whole tracking route suspended 3 stories in the air, with different courses like the flying fox, tarzan swing and bridge walk.

Putting on our gear.

Some of us needed extras. Hehe.

Almost full group photo.

Once you get geared up, they will brief you on how to use the carabiner, pulley, etc and which are safety cables and so on. After the brief, you will need to go through a training track first, to ensure you understood the instructions. No worries here. If you foul up and fall unsecured, it's less than 1 story high, so at most you'll break a bone only la. =D

At the training track. See. Very close to the ground.

Don't ask me where Allan was looking.

*insert Tarzan's yell*

Crossing the first net bridge: Easy.

Crossing the swing-like-a-monkey bridge: Bloody Farking HARD!

All in all, it was a very fun day, though tiring. With this coming from a housefly who's idea of exercising is climbing up the stairs to get her cell, you better believe you'll have a great time there.

Full group photo. Calvin, Ying May, James, Bitch Blitz, Allen, Sanjeev, Ying, Joanne, Teckiee, Fly.

Poser. Oh, one more thing. Those harnesses are damn uncomfortable! How on earth can guys stand it? Poor little brothers!

By the time we settled the bill (you pay only AFTER the event) we missed the bus heading back to the entrance, so we climbed into Julian the Frenchman's truck and he dropped us off. Never felt like an illegal immigrant as much as then. Lol. Imagine 8 of us at the back of the truck and two more squashed in the cab with Julian. We (obviously) took photos while shouting random Thai/Japanese/Indonesian/English phrases at passers-by, but they are with Sanjeev.

Start update:

End update.

Had a little picnic thingy before leaving for lunch (ahaha I know, so wth right? <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
I think his coconuts can beat KennySia's, ratio wise. =P

See. Poser. Hahahaha.

It's a day after Merdeka Day as I'm typing this, more than 24 hours after all that exercise, and I'm aching all over, wishing for a massage.

I think I will look even more satisfied than that monkey weh.

On a side note, happy birthday kor kor!

update: There will be a newer, longer, harder (?) track open end of 2008. Guess who's gonna go again? :D


At 01 September, 2008 19:21 , Blogger wen said...

ey jom go this place again when i get back?

At 01 September, 2008 23:00 , Blogger electronicfly said...

boleh boleh... cepatla balik!


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