Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twitter Followers

I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon 83 days ago.

133 updates later, I have 16 people following it, 9 of which are total strangers at first, who after a short time, became not so total strangers.

On one hand, I feel a little weirded out that random strangers find my updates interesting enough to follow, and bother to even reply. On the other, I love it that some sort of friendship can be so easily formed.

So why is it that friendships made from a more solid background, for a longer period of time, can so easily disintegrate into mere acquaintanceship?

First we got as close as conjoined twins, but a few years down the road, when our paths started to differ even just slightly, we grew apart as how the branch of a tree reaches to sunlight, and the roots remain as grounded as ever.

Every time we pass each other and make smalltalk, I can't help but miss the times we do more than that. For a time where secrets were shared, jokes were made and gossip ruled.

I miss you Hippo. I hope you do to.



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