Friday, September 12, 2008

Wrong Bus.

In order to highlight my mistake, ZOMB I TOOK THE WRONG BUS!!!1!!exclamation point!!

After my movie (The Next Boleyn Girl. Will give short review soon), I quickly went and met up with Elaine from MyClosetGiggles to collect my FedoraAdora and change, and since I had some time to spare before I had to wait for the bus home and go for my Rotaract meeting, I decided to book shop. Finally bought a new (it's new to me) book from PayLessBooks after so many months of rereading old material.

I regretted my action when I went to the bus stop. A lady told me that I missed the bus by a few minutes. Minutessssssssss la wehhhh.

Waited under the hot sun for the next bus for who knows how long. Seriously, the bus stop's shelter isn't wide enough in One Utama. There was only a thin strip of shade, and that was on the road. -.- When a bus to KJ Station finally came around, I wanted to get on but asked the driver first because it was a different bus than what I took to One Utama. He said no, he doesn't go to KJ station, but guess what. He is supposed to. Wthhhhhhh.

Waited around some more, and yay! My bus came! Or so I thought. I finally realised that I took the wrong bus when it went straight instead of turning right onto the highway. Grrrr! Thank goodness my luck turned then, for I bumped into a friend who stayed nearby, and after telling him what an idiot I was, he pitied stupid me. We got off the bus, walked to his house, and he drove me home. =D

Looks like my luck's finally changing.

oh, and I got my fedoraaaaaaaa!


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