Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outdoor sex

I never thought Malaysians are so kinky.

On my way back from class today, I saw a discarded and (I assume) used condom lying at the stairs heading to the Bangsar LRT station.

Humping where anyone driving or walking by can see, damn kinky stuff weh, especially for Malaysians!

I wonder why there were no news report on it. I can imagine the headline. "5 Car Pile-up Caused By Sex". Sure sell triple the amount of copies one.

Having Mad and Mel commuting with us all the way back home didn't help. Jokes, observations and haha-omb-imagine-ifs were thrown about, even until we got onto the train. Only the wtf glares from this lady made me shut up. Ya, I was the one making most of the jokes. Hhehehe normal la.

Hehehe I think my best joke was made after I asked them whether did I accidentally step on the condom. (They saw it first, and blur me would have walked right past if Mad didn't point it out to me). Imagine, if I did step on it (didn't happen) and the owner knew. I'll be walking, and he'll go "boy girl boy girl boy girl twins!".

Man I sound so unfunny here. The joke's better with the action la aih.

Update: 444th post. Argh a little too early. It'll be so nice if I posted this at Midnight, 31st October. Aih. Next year la next year.

Unknown Feelings

I've not felt this way before.

I feel very happy whenever I'm talking to him, and will even stay up a little longer just to talk to him.
But I don't miss him.

I get a little bothered when he talks about other girls, even if it's just a passing observation.
But the key word here is a little. Almost negligible in fact.

I don't like it when he treats me like another macha.
But I want him to know that I'm there for him.

This is my first time feeling neither here nor there, and both here and there for someone.

Quite confusing, all this different emotions.

It's not something I've gone through before, so it's something I don't quite know how to deal with yet.

At the moment I'm just doing what I do everyday, acting normal, living my life.

I hope I can get it figured out soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My nose is running away!

To elope with Michael Jackson's ombwth hahahhaha.

I crack myself up with my SS*-ness.

Well I have to make myself happy since I'm feeling so crappy.

Couldn't sleep the entire night (and the night before, and the night before that, and the one before that... you get my drift. Stupid low quality air cond) , woke up grumpy and feverish, almost missed the HELP bus (thankfully the train's door remained open longer than usual), felt constipated from eating too much chocolate without drinking enough water, have a sore throat because of all that chocolate and now I think I'm down with the flu.

Fever's down, but my nose is as leaky as my air conditioner.

Oh, and my wisdom tooth is still a quarter out but I've not gone to the dentist yet because it doesn't hurt. I am a little worried of getting cavaties there though. I like being the only one in my immediate family with perfect (if a little yellow) teeth. Heeeeeeehehehe. Eh, my bro and sis have brains and beauty, lemme take teeth la jhor.

*SS = Syoik Sendiri = Laughs at own lame jokes.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Went back to RI to collect my cheque and to go for lunch with Faredah.

Woot I thought my pay for hardly a full day's worth of work would be less than RM30, or RM20 even, but yay! it's more! Now I don't feel so guilty of the impulse purchase of that top, and I'll have money to shop next Monday!

On my way out, I bumped into the HR manager, and she asked me whether I was interested in transcripting and translating DNA molecules some work from the Qual(itative) team. Wasn't really keen on it, but then she said I can do it from home and just visit the office off and on to hand in/receive work, so what the heck. Easy work, and I can do it from the comfort of my home. Hmm, maybe I can outsource? Hahhahaha.

Had lunch, talked a while, came home.

Opened Facebook and oo they now have Facebook in Bahasa Melayu (BM). Clicked clicked clicked, surfed a little, and reloaded Facebook. Ooo help translate Facebook to English? Why not?

I get to be a part of Facebook BM (though I don't get paid or whatsoever) and practice my translating skills for work. I don't believe in shoddy work. If I'm gonna do something, it better be something done as well as I can, or for myself alone.

Also, since I can bring my work around with me, I can make my future super long commute time into my work time. All I'll need to do is load the files into my mp3 player, have a paper and pen ready and I'm all set. Well, I'll need to get a new mp3 player first, since mine either have loose connections (the sound to one side of my earphones will get cut off/connect at every little bump) or the earphone is spoilt and I have to use the speaker (stupid port is too small for my Creative earphones' jack).

Oh well. I've been wanting a new one for some time already anyway. Sigh, why can't the Creative Zen be cheaper? For that price I rather get the iTouch. Aih. Why won't the law of gravity apply to prices of goods. What goes up MUST come down right?

Need to look for transport for HELP's Holloween Party. I am NOT going to wear my costume on the train and bus. Going there isn't as much a problem as coming back though. I can be there late, but there's no way daddy will be willing to stay up until midnight just to pick me up.


Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dripping is Getting Worse


I've not had a good night's rest in a week because of my leaking air conditioner. Already told my dad about it, but he said he's not gonna call someone to get it fixed since "We're moving to a new house soon d what". WTHHHH.

Now my sleep comes in short sessions.

Sleep, get awaken by super loud dripping, sleep, get awaken again, sleep, awake again, sleep and poof it's 9am and I can't sleep anymore.

The bottle stuffed with a rag has been upgraded to a pail lined with an old towel.

The bottle wasn't big enough to hold even just one night's air cond-y discharge.

I'm getting really weird dreams too, weird as in it can possibly happen one day, but would probably never happen.

Aih. I want to get back to sleep. Going to the new house later to clean up. Was supposed to go with my mom, but she left earlier without waking either me or my sister up.

Or she tried but failed to wake us up.


Sush baby sush

Don't cry. No, do cry.

Cry it all out, all the pain and heartache, the pressure and loneliness.

Open the gate before the wall cracks and it all come pouring out, uncontrollable.

Open that valve. Let some steam out.

I see your pain, even though you try to hide it behind a smile and a giggle.

To others that little crack in the mask is minuscule, but I know you better.

I see that little crack as if it's the biggest chasm known to man.

I can see that behind that jolly facade you put up for your family, your friends..

You're hurting.

You're hurting bad.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Since my favourite fish biscuit (the pasar malam one) was banned, I turned to the next best thing to satisfy my craving.

What do you see? I see my bedsheet that I've yet to change. =P

I don't get why the Americans love it so much though. I think our Buatan Malaysia fish biscuits tastes wayyy nicer.

Maybe because there's no added melanine la. x\

Fishy smile

It's stayed my cravings for a while, but I still want my Little Fish biscuits!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Not in the electronic world, but in the physical one.

Leaving the house I spent my entire life in for another.

Not really happy about it.

Yes, my current house is older than me and acts like a 60 year old at times. Wiring's a little wonky, pipes' a little drippy and there are wrinkles in the walls here and there.

But it's where I had most of my firsts.

First fall, first illness, first taste of real food, first of just about everything.

It's my happy place, my sad place, where I go for peace and quiet, for noise and company.

I cry, I laugh, I fear, I annoy, I scold. All in my home.

It's going to be a big change for me. Not only will I wake up to strange surroundings, strange smells and sounds, but I'll also be far from alot of things that are in my daily life.

Everything I do, from studies to Rotaract to chilling out with friends, is centered in PJ/KL, where public transport might be bad, but still bearable, where my "chauffeurs" won't mind driving that extra distance for me, where I know the roads and alleys like the back of my hand.

Once I move, I'll be at least 30 minutes away from all that. And that's if traffic's smooth, and I'm moving barely under the speed limit. Since the parentals still won't let me drive, I'll have to depend on them even more to move around, especially since the bus service in my area is.. wait, what bus service?


Hopefully they'll let me sleep over at friends' places once I move, or I'll have NO nightlife.

Or would you like to be my ah mat?


Ok set! Thank kew you!

*runs before you change your mind*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Popular Searches: Political Situation In Malaysia

Ever since I wrote this, I realised that quite a number of people are Googling about it. Not my exact post I'm sure, but about the situation in general.

Since Malaysians live through it, I think I made a safe assumption that most, if not all, come from overseas.

So, are you here because you're checking whether it's safe to travel here?

Well, I say it is.

We're relatively peaceful people, and while we worry about the future of our government, we tend to let things run its course and just get back to our daily lives.

You might have come across stories about riots and protests. Well, we have our share of them, but they are usually confined to governmental areas or, in recent times, police stations. In addition, they aren't daily occurrences or even monthly ones, so the chances of you getting stuck in the middle of one is quite slim.

Nothing and no one will stop you from running away from it if you are anyway.

Rather than getting worried over all this, spend more time thinking of ways to reduce your chances of getting robbed, both legally and illegally.

Snatch theft is becoming more rampant here, especially in the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur areas, so do be careful. Keep your passports in the hotel safe, and just bring along a certified true copy of it with you. Of course, it's best to have someone you know in the area to help you out if something goes wrong. Always have your embassy's number with you.

As for the legal version, you'll probably be on the recieving end more often if you're a very obvious tourist. As long as you're not in a shopping complex/building, barter. If there are no obvious pricetags around, barter even more. If you're shopping in Petaling Street, barter like your life depends on it. The seller might tell you that the pair of imitation Nikes you like cannot be sold for below RM80, but trust me, it can go as cheap as RM35, and they'll still make a profit. Also, as long as the goods are on the floor, barter. Most bargains are found that way. And no matter how honest that chinese woman seems to be, her so called genuine Louis Vuitton/Prada/Chanel/*insertbrandhere* that she is selling for less than 40% of the original price would be a FAKE. A bad fake even.

That's all from me now, and I hope that when you do make a trip down here, it'll be a great one.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HELP Sports Carnival

Sunday was HELP's Sports Carnival at University Malaya, 5th College.

Was up by 6.30AM, on a Sunday. Aih. Reached my uni just in time to see the bus to UM pull away, but I wasn't worried as I was supposed to follow a friend there. Waited a while, then called him.

He was already on his way to UM.

-.- He thought I was taking the bus. Argh! Luckily another friend was there as she was waiting for her other friends, so I tagged along together with another guy who drove, but didn't know the way. Hehe I love convoys.

Most of a BPsych bball team, before they got all sweaty.

First match!

Everyone was trying to escape the heat.

Even the referee. Hehehe.

The other BPsych team, during semi-finals.

None of them brought cameras. How to camwhore properly? There's a reason it's called camwhoring and not handphonewhoring.

Second and third place winners, both from HICT.

If you're wondering why all my pictures are of basketball players only, that;s because I was the scorekeeper. Sitting under the umbrella the whole day to escape the sun didn't work. Still got sunburnt in the end. My face and left hand was two shades less red than the boys' jersey.

BPsychers who stayed. Everyone's sunburnt by then.


Smelly shoes.

More with a friend, since my camera died on me. The battery didn't get charged when I put it into the charger (something somewhere's loose), but thankfully it lasted most of the day. The other pictures are mainly of BPsych tug-of-warers and camwhore pics. =P

Sigh. Three days later and I'm still red. Oh and my skin started peeling already. Didn't put enough moisturiser. =/

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini Updates

Like mini poppers, but for the brain.

I found my feather boa! Cost me RM34 and one of the feathers had what looked like poop on it, but at least I can make my costume now. Still couldn't find a skin coloured body suit or top, so I'm gonna use a cream coloured tank top.

Now to make the head, and to buy more tulle or netting to make the skirt puffier. Sigh, I guess I'll have to dissect my tutu now.

I'm still red. I got sunburnt after spending an entire day under the sun for HELP's Sports Carnival on Sunday. Mom still nagging me about how I destroyed my skin even further. Ish. Mengada.

So many events this month. Raya open houses, three birthdays, HSEC's first project, random parties, HELP's sports carnival, HELP's Holloween party, Nuffnang's Holloween party (ok, this one is technically under next month, but since it's for a holiday that's in Oct, I lumped it in here as well).

All that doesn't include those I didn't want to go for, or couldn't go. Aih. Couple that with shopping, and once again I've spent more than I had on hand.

What is wrong with Facebook's photo uploading program!??!?! at the start it works like a wonder, then it can't even load. Now that it can finally load again, it won't successfully upload my photos! Third try now, and if it still won't upload my photos I'm going back to the old manual uploader.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here's a list of random thoughts I've had since September 19th that I want to share, but didn't feel like making a post for just one sentence or two:
  1. Paul van Dyke's songs are actually quite nice to slow dance to, if you can ignore the stares.
  2. Malaysian DJs are getting crappier, but Malaysian indie musicians are rocking it!
  3. I miss playing volleyball and my own creation, highball.
  4. Charles Bass looks a little on the gay side at times. Update: Quite often la actually.
  5. The Live Action version of Chibi Maruko-chan is cuter than the original anime.
  6. Tesco's Chocolate ice cream with Tesco cone on a hot, headache-y day: perfection.
  7. I miss performing. Dance, vocals, drama, sports, everything.
  8. Hmm I stopped turning tomato red with my first drink. Not even with my umpteenth drink. Alcohol tolerance went up, or blood circulation worsened?
  9. So many things, so little time, even less on the finance side.
  10. OMB OMB OMB OMB someone stepped on a huge pile of (OMB I think it's human) poo and shared the "love" by stepping everywhere all the way until the bus pickup area.
  11. KAMI: The Movie is gonna be hitting the cinema 1st October! Wooot!
  12. I panicked once you uttered the word "date". You're just not my type la.
  13. I need more hours in a day. Taking on too many responsibilities. Luckily there's the Raya Break.
  14. I want all of us to sit around someone's table and talk like how we used too.
  15. Tiesto's Lethal Industry, the radio edit, has a very creepy laugh to it. Freaked me out.
  16. The day I want to make an omelette is the same day there aren't any eggs. Add thinking of it the entire night, and major bummer man. Oh, and my keys are missing so I can't get out to buy eggies. =(
  17. They still don't realise I'm not some super genius.
  18. How you know you're over someone: You stop emo-ing over them. I now have a very nice emo post title which now needs an emo post to match it.
  19. Bless the creators of Adobe Photoshop. How did events people manage without it?
  20. Funny how distance changes things. From talking everyday to hardly ever.
  21. I don't have to go all the way to KKB for river rafting la. The monsoon drain near my house will do. Seriously looked like white water rapids when I crossed the bridge earlier.
  22. My parents are asleep at 9.30PM. O.O
  23. I think I'm falling for him. Kinda hoping that girl he told me about is me.
  24. Finally you stop lying to yourself! Let the healing and strengthening process begin.
  25. Why are costume choices in MY so limited?
  26. Yum I love my potato salad. Would taste better cold, but I'm too lazy to wait.
  27. I want to watch a horror movie in the wee hours of the morning while it's raining. Then the phone rings.
  28. I miss pushing the tables together to play ping pong in the classroom.
  29. Disturb's Down With The Sickness sounds like a bunch of monkeys hollering.
  30. I'm going to have no nightlife once I move. Everyone's too far away to send me home. =(
  31. Daddy feeds me, mommy stops me. Sometimes it's the other way around. I'm such a spoilt brat sometimes.
  32. No occasion to wear my brown heels so I'm wearing it at home. Heh. Still need to break it in some more. It's still digging in to my heel.
  33. How not to gain weight leh? Rich foods at least once a week, breakfasting AND lunching almost everyday, snacks after dinner, actually, snacks anytime. Junk food, chocolates, Macca's warm soggy fries, cold fizzy drinks. All in the past month. The only thing I cut down so far was alco. I'm so going to end up a diabetic with coronary heart disease.

Woah. And that's only those that I had in a month, while I'm sitting in front of the pc.

HAHAHAHAHA Randomness rocks!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vintage Bouquet

I drank, along with Feilicia's entire family (minus Alfred of course, who's in London atm), three bottles of vintage sparkling. 2004, 2002 and the best one, 1998.

The thing is, it's sparkling wine juice!


The dinner was over, everyone but family/almost family already went home. We were sitting in the living room, just chilling out and chitchatting when The Mother (hehe inside joke) wanted something cold to drink, so out came the three remaining bottles of sparkling juice left from hampers years ago. None of us bothered to check the expiry date, until we opened and tried each bottle and came to the conclusion that the grape/apple juices all tasted like prune juice.

Luckily we were lazy and opted for the paper cups instead of the crystal. Imagine drinking expired sparkling juice in crystal goblets. XDDDDDDD

MY stomach is aching now.

Not from the juices la (or so I think) but from laughing so much. Picking on the couple, the brother, the juices and add in Fi's uncle's jokes, aiyo even Ebenezer Scrooge will be laughing like jolly ol' Santa.

I didn't bring my camera since it's running low on juice and I expected to be the camerawoman again, so all photos are with Fi. Will see if there are any nice ones to put up when I get them.

And now I'm off to sleep for at most 5 hours before I have to get up for my uni's Sports Carny.


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Who on this world hand washes plain, moderately priced denim jeans?

Off to my bestie's dad's 60th soon. Ugh simply thinking of the food is making me want to burp. Had a huge lunch today (more on it soon, hopefully) and buffet later.

At least I can sleep well tonight. =)

Need to be up by 6.30AM tomorrow for HELP's Sports Carnival. 6.30AM on a SUNDAY. Sigh.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Adds

What do you do when someone you don't recognize adds you on Facebook or MSN?

Ask them who they are, and whether you know them, right?


But what do you do when they say you don't know them at all?

(Heh. I know what some of you will say. "If cute one then get to know the person only la!)

They probably just want to make more friends or something, but I don't know. I just feel uncomfortable.

If there was something in common, say a mutual friend, or being from the same school during different times, etc I think I might still be able to find a comfort zone, but when there's totally no mutual ground, I get freaked out.

With girls, I don't feel it that much (yea yea I'm being sexist yada yada yada) but when it's a guy, no matter how cute, I get even more uncomfortable the more they try to learn more about me. If they started out with a message I feel that's more sincere, but when someone just adds me on Facebook or MSN (I still don't know how they got my MSN address) without introducing themselves, and waits for me to ask them who they are, I get the shivers.

I think their first impression on me also impacts my feelings...

nope...v chat here first time...hope u dun mind v b frens...


hello, my name is *removed* as people calling me. i'm mix race arabic indonisian ...anyways.. looking forword to get to know u and hope we can be a friend if u dont mind the way u look pretty cute and gorgeous that i really can't deny it. hope 2 hear from u soon baby.
Geli wannabe playboy. Baby apa baby la I old lady d la.

I apologize for the randomness Miss Fei, but I just thought that I would say hi, so hello. Haha, later.
Ha this one ok, somore quite cute gwailo. =P

Hey, u got married, ain't that sweet! ;o)

This was just wierd.

do u have msn or yahoo?!

Straight to the point. Comfort level dropped waaay low.

So, what would you do?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Have I Told You?

I am 100% sure that I have no special feelings for him anymore.

Met up with him and a bunch of friends recently, and nothing.

He said some things that previously would make my heart beat, but my pulse remained the same.

He did some things that previously would make me think he's flirting, but all that comes to mind now is "Eh thanks".

Quite happy now.

Also happy a friend finally admitted that he's still hung up on her, and would now try to let go and heal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HELP's Holloween Party

Come come! Everyone's invited! Fly will be there! (As what, I have yet to decide)
You can get tickets through me as well. =D
More info here and the pre-party game is here.

Update: Yes, food's provided, and not only will there be a prize for the best dressed, but there will also be a lucky draw specially for those wearing costumes!

Food, freebies, Fly and an opportunity to dress as crazily as you want for only RM13? Bargain la!

Fly turns seamstress

There doesn't seem to be a single costume shop around PJ/KL that has Bjork's Swan costume. Six different shops, all with the same unwanted answer.

Sigh. So sad.

I do have an alternative, but that would require me to destroy my white and gold tutu. =( Tak sampai hati la, and I will need to find a white feather boa and a skin coloured top. At least I know where to get the netting and how to make the swan's head la.

Aigh. To destroy or not. Yea I won't be wearing it ever again, but it has sentimental value.

Unrelated: Checked out the timetable for the business department yesterday. BOTH the subjects I wanted to take clashes with my core lectures. Thank goodness I need to differ only one subject.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm in my pc room with the lights off and randomly choosen music playing louder than normal, but not loud enough to annoy.

Changing my MSN status to busy now... done.

Once I'm done with this post, i'm going to lean back and close my eyes.


You don't know what you're missing out on, not being me.

KAMI: The Last Gig.

This Saturday at Bukit Jalil Stadium at 3pm. Be there. MUH you guys roxxors!

So sad I won't be going since I have something on. Sigh.
KAMI: The Soundtrack come to meeeeeee...

Monday, October 13, 2008

KAMI: The Movie


And hopefully that time there won't be any idiot schoolkids potong-ing my steam by laughing at inappropriate times (bugger the fella ... eh dowan later spoil the movie for you) or chit chatting as if we're in some mamak and bugger it even standing up for at least five minutes when it's the good part just to brush some popcorn off since the bugger isn't smart enough to know where's her mouth!

I actually cried twice k. For movies or books, if it can make me cry even once then wah it's very geng d, but to make me cry TWICE on different scenes? Now that's just pure AWESOMENESS.

I can't wait until the DVD comes out, and hopefully they'll put in the series too.

Oh, and when I wanted to buy their soundtrack, it was sold out! wth!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

HELP BPsych Freshmen's Lunch - Autumn 2008

We have a tradition here in the Psychology Department that not many others in Malaysia have. Even HELP students in other department miss out on this, as their departments don't love them as much do not follow it.


Yeah, I know. Harvard, Cambridge, they all do it. They do it more often than us even. But hey, they don't have a 30 degree Celsius average temperature there now do they?

I feel like getting a birdcage for my new room. In Black. Or rainbow-ed.

This is my second time dressed up in the scholar's gown. My first was as a Freshie, still jakun-ing away. Now I'm here as their senior in the Student Council (even though I'm technically still a freshie). This change in viewpoints does wonders to my way of thinking.

My first macro shot that I like. Anyone know what's this?

Also realised how much difference one month of mingling can make. The Freshmen's Lunch is usually held during the second week into the semester, but because of the fasting month, this semester's Lunch was postponed, and for the better I say. You should see the number of people greeting each other, laughing and talking away. Much different from my Freshmen's Lunch.

Centerpiece. Was bored of the speeches, and hungry for lunch.

Good thing the good food (and roast lamb!) is still the same. Hehe. And Dr Goh's speech too.

I increased the contrast a little, and love the pic even more. If I do get a black birdcage for my room, I want it lined with this.

Mr. Cameraman. Bugger. Owns two DSLRs, and getting another one next week. That's at least RM15k already k!

Our "waiter" for the day. Hehehe. There wasn't much space between tables, so it was hard to get in and out, so once Nick got out, we placed our orders. =D


The returned gowns. And that's only one bag.

Was raining really heavily, so after sorting everything we killed time watching the launch of the "Power of 10 Sen" project in HELP.

Gah. Blurry pic, and extremely bright backdrop. No worries, you can see who's the biggest star on that stage in the video below.

On a different note,

Congratulations on the huge lead you guys! Gambatte for Sports Day!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Open!

Get ready to customize whatever you want to fit Your Personalitee!

(update: Link fixed. My own site oso can spell wrongly. >.<")


Had a full 12 hours of sleep last night. 8.30PM to 8.30AM, waking up only once at about 1 in the morning to switch off the lights.

Ahhhhh. I miss being this well rested.

My appointment for this afternoon was cancelled last minute, so I wasted a chance to finally watch KAMI: The Movie. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Maybe after Freshmen's Lunch. At the start of the year I was there as a newbie, now I'll be there as a senior. =D Even though I'm still considered a freshie, but ehh whatever la. Not so keen on wearing my formalwear to a indie-themed movie though.

Amir's Raya open house later. Too bad I couldn't get my hands on a baju kurung. Will have to wait until next year to see his "OMG-Fei-Wearing-Baju-Kurung" face. Heehee.

Personalitee's going on good so far. Still have to make a few more adjustments but hopefully I'll get it up in about a week's time.

*yawn* Damn feeling sleepy already.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Little Ballerina

While thinking of backup costumes (in case I can't find the one I want. Century Fiesta doesn't have it. =/) I remembered my tights and leotards from my ballet days waaaayyyy back (about 8 years ago I think) and with wishful thoughts, I tried them on again.

Can still wear leh!

Either I wasn't so little back then or I've not gained weight. No points for guessing which reason I'm lying telling to myself.

Also found my tutu, but sadly that was from my boobless days so it doesn't quite fit as it should. Wasted, or I could have made it into a costume. A tiara, red paint and a toy knife and boom! I'm Odette who got murdered while trying to fly south in her swan state.

Maybe I should just go as a female member of the Mafia. Fedora loves baybeh! But I'll need to get a vest and a coat. =/

And a gun =/

But that won't suit the Nuffnang-Nokia party's theme.

If only I had a car, or a driver, or a car with a driver.

Best nye.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The explanation to "I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic"

Do I need to explain?

"I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic"

So I was silent in that post la! roflmao.

Hey why aren't you laughing also?

Ok fine not funny har har.

Nah all you humourless people see this la dowan to talk to you already. I'm gonna sit in a corner and listen to my imaginary Nokia XpressMusic phone. Hehehe I can think of a prank d.

Download Satanic sounding voice clip, tell someone that the call's from them, and prepare to blast that "music". Wahahaha I can imagine the people standing nearby getting the shock of their life too.

O.O Samara moved from her tv to someone's Nokia XpressMusic phone.

Oh wait one more thing. Pray that the clip won't suddenly continue when it's supposed to end d. O.O

I love Nuffnang! (Oh no I think all the Digi adverts in the lrt brainwashed me)

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

(No I didn't forget to type something.)

I worry for you

I know you're not well.

You're pushing yourself too much, putting too much pressure on yourself, trying to balance all that weight on your shoulders, showing everyone that its nothing when your knees are trembling from the strain.



Please stop.

I can't do anything for you, even if you're not so far away. You have to help yourself.

But there are pillars everywhere to help you hold your burdens.

Pillars to hold things up, baskets to transport them in, pulleys to make the weight alot more bearable.

If only you will recognise them.

Darling, babe, dearest, dearest friend. The sister to my heart, please recognise them soon.

I fear you would tumble soon, and everything will come crashing down.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Journey to Lalaland

My whole gang was feeling sleepy yet high this morning, so there was so much trash talking. xD

The shopping trip was almost postponed yet again because we were reminded that there are tutorial classes this week, but since all they did in the earlier tute was play some game, the two decided to skip class, no thanks to me. >=)

Stayed up in class, stoned at the food booth Student Council set up to earn some money for prom, got annoyed at loud and annoying A-level students (even their lecturer came out and gave them a sounding. Couldn't help but smirk. Heh. Evil, I know, but whatever), got disappointed the nasi ayam stall still haven't opened for business, ate lunch at the charity bazaar and off we went to Lalaland! (oo sorta rhymes)

I didn't get anything for myself this time round, but we did manage to get a friend's extremely late birthday present, and also restocked some shirts for my friend's e-shop. Sighhhh. If only I was 2 size smaller, then I can have my CNY clothes bought d. T-shirt and shorts ftw! Buggerly cheap somore. Grarh. Some effort is needed though to sift through the more lala pieces from the truly cute or beautiful ones.

Heh. If I'm gonna dress up as some lolita maid I can get the costume there.

ROFLMAO I just imagined myself in it.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Heh. That's gonna be the name for my e-shop.

In the process of getting it up. Still have to think nicely how to do the pricing and preferably get a steady source for my stencil supply. Need to buy some ribbon too to make my tag.

Hopefully I can find a cheap but good mass printer if there are any designs that are popular.

The stuff made for you guys will not be reproduced though. Maybe with some variation, but definitely not 100% the same thing.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Barbeque Yummyness + Wii Sweatingness + Taboo Headacheness + Twister Akwardness

On the first day of Raya 2008, my sis had a shemalll bbq at our place. Total people = 8.

Total people needed to get the coals lit = 6 (plus at least 30 minutes)

Good food, good food. Simple but made with love. Chicken wings marinated in tumeric, cocktail sausages and balls, fresh swiss brown mushrooms (I think). The mushrooms were soooo good! So sweet and juicy; mine squirted out the moment I bit into it.

Ahh. All the carcinogenic goodness.

Parents came home from Ipoh/ Pangkor soon after, and when my mom saw our (ok la, their) dirty hands from all the tumeric, she did this:

Smart leh my mommy! Hehehe this is something to remember for future bbq sessions.

Ipoh, the town oh so near Tambun, where the best pamelos in Malaysia grow. No surprise the parentals brought some back.

And with my sis around, leave it to her to come up with something.

Don't ask me how it tasted.

After getting stuffed we worked off all the calories.

By talking on the phone in the cinema, swimming, boxing and even...

... washing undergarments!

After physically tiring ourselves out (more like our hands only la. 3 days later my right arm still aches)

We tired out our brainnnnnsssss.

Heh. Got tired of that soon enough. xD Nah we actually played quite long, about half the stack of 1 colour, and two thirds of another colour.


His Hip Hop PoseTM

Akward situation #1

Akward situation #2

(Extremely) Akward situation #3

Thank goodness no one farted the whole time.

Note to self: Find split pin and cheap cloth and DIY a Twister set.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nuffnang Screening: House Bunny

So sadddd! Pre-movie dinner, tak jadied. =( Ty had to wait for his car to get back, so we were half an hour late, and there was no one there! Turns out they left to Manhattan's. =(((

But nvm the movie cheered me up alot.

In a nutshell, the movie's somewhat like Legally Blond. Cliche story line, hot babes in skimpy outfits, ups and downs of the life of a bimbo. I would say it's worth watching for the comedy (Seriously, oh the so funny. You should have heard Cheez and Ty... and me. =P), but only if you're paying RM7 or less. House Bunny isn't a movie worth the whole 10 ringgit.

If you're in Malaysia, you can always wait for pasar malam Astro to sell play it.

Ty and I bumped into Cheez there.

Tickets!!! *joins the crowd* Hehe ok la I already collected my tickets one.

Joshua, Kel Li, David and Sherry.

Cindy remembered me! Very well even. Hee. And her new bangs so cute! Like little girl oni. *pats head* hahahahah.

Robb and Pinky manning (and womanning) the ticket booth while Yee Hou is.. is.. erm.. mingling with Nuffnangers? =P

Yee Hou camwhore guru! He's so mean he called me a bimbo wth hermph.

The more I see this picture the more I feel like I've seen it before.

Popcorn, check. Drink, check. Mole, check. Ever kiddy grin, check. Ok all set.