Friday, October 03, 2008

Barbeque Yummyness + Wii Sweatingness + Taboo Headacheness + Twister Akwardness

On the first day of Raya 2008, my sis had a shemalll bbq at our place. Total people = 8.

Total people needed to get the coals lit = 6 (plus at least 30 minutes)

Good food, good food. Simple but made with love. Chicken wings marinated in tumeric, cocktail sausages and balls, fresh swiss brown mushrooms (I think). The mushrooms were soooo good! So sweet and juicy; mine squirted out the moment I bit into it.

Ahh. All the carcinogenic goodness.

Parents came home from Ipoh/ Pangkor soon after, and when my mom saw our (ok la, their) dirty hands from all the tumeric, she did this:

Smart leh my mommy! Hehehe this is something to remember for future bbq sessions.

Ipoh, the town oh so near Tambun, where the best pamelos in Malaysia grow. No surprise the parentals brought some back.

And with my sis around, leave it to her to come up with something.

Don't ask me how it tasted.

After getting stuffed we worked off all the calories.

By talking on the phone in the cinema, swimming, boxing and even...

... washing undergarments!

After physically tiring ourselves out (more like our hands only la. 3 days later my right arm still aches)

We tired out our brainnnnnsssss.

Heh. Got tired of that soon enough. xD Nah we actually played quite long, about half the stack of 1 colour, and two thirds of another colour.


His Hip Hop PoseTM

Akward situation #1

Akward situation #2

(Extremely) Akward situation #3

Thank goodness no one farted the whole time.

Note to self: Find split pin and cheap cloth and DIY a Twister set.


At 05 October, 2008 16:56 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

What the freak? Teckiee made Pamelo Vodka?


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