Monday, October 27, 2008

The Dripping is Getting Worse


I've not had a good night's rest in a week because of my leaking air conditioner. Already told my dad about it, but he said he's not gonna call someone to get it fixed since "We're moving to a new house soon d what". WTHHHH.

Now my sleep comes in short sessions.

Sleep, get awaken by super loud dripping, sleep, get awaken again, sleep, awake again, sleep and poof it's 9am and I can't sleep anymore.

The bottle stuffed with a rag has been upgraded to a pail lined with an old towel.

The bottle wasn't big enough to hold even just one night's air cond-y discharge.

I'm getting really weird dreams too, weird as in it can possibly happen one day, but would probably never happen.

Aih. I want to get back to sleep. Going to the new house later to clean up. Was supposed to go with my mom, but she left earlier without waking either me or my sister up.

Or she tried but failed to wake us up.



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