Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HELP Sports Carnival

Sunday was HELP's Sports Carnival at University Malaya, 5th College.

Was up by 6.30AM, on a Sunday. Aih. Reached my uni just in time to see the bus to UM pull away, but I wasn't worried as I was supposed to follow a friend there. Waited a while, then called him.

He was already on his way to UM.

-.- He thought I was taking the bus. Argh! Luckily another friend was there as she was waiting for her other friends, so I tagged along together with another guy who drove, but didn't know the way. Hehe I love convoys.

Most of a BPsych bball team, before they got all sweaty.

First match!

Everyone was trying to escape the heat.

Even the referee. Hehehe.

The other BPsych team, during semi-finals.

None of them brought cameras. How to camwhore properly? There's a reason it's called camwhoring and not handphonewhoring.

Second and third place winners, both from HICT.

If you're wondering why all my pictures are of basketball players only, that;s because I was the scorekeeper. Sitting under the umbrella the whole day to escape the sun didn't work. Still got sunburnt in the end. My face and left hand was two shades less red than the boys' jersey.

BPsychers who stayed. Everyone's sunburnt by then.


Smelly shoes.

More with a friend, since my camera died on me. The battery didn't get charged when I put it into the charger (something somewhere's loose), but thankfully it lasted most of the day. The other pictures are mainly of BPsych tug-of-warers and camwhore pics. =P

Sigh. Three days later and I'm still red. Oh and my skin started peeling already. Didn't put enough moisturiser. =/


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