Wednesday, October 15, 2008

HELP's Holloween Party

Come come! Everyone's invited! Fly will be there! (As what, I have yet to decide)
You can get tickets through me as well. =D
More info here and the pre-party game is here.

Update: Yes, food's provided, and not only will there be a prize for the best dressed, but there will also be a lucky draw specially for those wearing costumes!

Food, freebies, Fly and an opportunity to dress as crazily as you want for only RM13? Bargain la!


At 20 October, 2008 04:50 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

Still got ticket? I'll come as myself lol

At 20 October, 2008 16:43 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Come come! Masih ada alot of tickets =D

If I can make my Nuffnang costume by then I'll be wearing it there too I think. =D


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