Monday, October 06, 2008

Journey to Lalaland

My whole gang was feeling sleepy yet high this morning, so there was so much trash talking. xD

The shopping trip was almost postponed yet again because we were reminded that there are tutorial classes this week, but since all they did in the earlier tute was play some game, the two decided to skip class, no thanks to me. >=)

Stayed up in class, stoned at the food booth Student Council set up to earn some money for prom, got annoyed at loud and annoying A-level students (even their lecturer came out and gave them a sounding. Couldn't help but smirk. Heh. Evil, I know, but whatever), got disappointed the nasi ayam stall still haven't opened for business, ate lunch at the charity bazaar and off we went to Lalaland! (oo sorta rhymes)

I didn't get anything for myself this time round, but we did manage to get a friend's extremely late birthday present, and also restocked some shirts for my friend's e-shop. Sighhhh. If only I was 2 size smaller, then I can have my CNY clothes bought d. T-shirt and shorts ftw! Buggerly cheap somore. Grarh. Some effort is needed though to sift through the more lala pieces from the truly cute or beautiful ones.

Heh. If I'm gonna dress up as some lolita maid I can get the costume there.

ROFLMAO I just imagined myself in it.


At 07 October, 2008 00:55 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

lalaland hahaha ..... learnt this from u earlier


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