Monday, October 13, 2008

KAMI: The Movie


And hopefully that time there won't be any idiot schoolkids potong-ing my steam by laughing at inappropriate times (bugger the fella ... eh dowan later spoil the movie for you) or chit chatting as if we're in some mamak and bugger it even standing up for at least five minutes when it's the good part just to brush some popcorn off since the bugger isn't smart enough to know where's her mouth!

I actually cried twice k. For movies or books, if it can make me cry even once then wah it's very geng d, but to make me cry TWICE on different scenes? Now that's just pure AWESOMENESS.

I can't wait until the DVD comes out, and hopefully they'll put in the series too.

Oh, and when I wanted to buy their soundtrack, it was sold out! wth!


At 13 October, 2008 18:50 , Blogger Kellen said...

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At 13 October, 2008 18:51 , Blogger Kellen said...

You? Cry?
I can't associate them together.
Oops. I showed my ignorance didn't I?

At 14 October, 2008 15:24 , Blogger faredah said...

waaa.. the movie is actually sad?? it looks like it's an interestingly fun movie!
am having 2nd thoughts after reading ur comment.. and u cried sum more! waaa..

At 14 October, 2008 23:35 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wahhh.. that siok ar. Ini takbleh jadi ni. *grabs keys, heads out to the nearest GSC*

you into malay movies eh? I usually have this perception that all malay movies have apek senario in it. Or fasha sandha.

..which ultimately makes the movie stupid. haha.

glad that there is one worth watching, yes?


At 17 October, 2008 14:49 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Sorry lupa nak reply. ;P

Kellen: Iyo, you don't know me that well oso...

Faredah: Fun parts pun ada, but touching sad parts pun ada. Must go and watch!

Crys: I fell in love with it masa tengok the series la. And this is SO not senario. One of the better Malaysian movies.


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