Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Little Ballerina

While thinking of backup costumes (in case I can't find the one I want. Century Fiesta doesn't have it. =/) I remembered my tights and leotards from my ballet days waaaayyyy back (about 8 years ago I think) and with wishful thoughts, I tried them on again.

Can still wear leh!

Either I wasn't so little back then or I've not gained weight. No points for guessing which reason I'm lying telling to myself.

Also found my tutu, but sadly that was from my boobless days so it doesn't quite fit as it should. Wasted, or I could have made it into a costume. A tiara, red paint and a toy knife and boom! I'm Odette who got murdered while trying to fly south in her swan state.

Maybe I should just go as a female member of the Mafia. Fedora loves baybeh! But I'll need to get a vest and a coat. =/

And a gun =/

But that won't suit the Nuffnang-Nokia party's theme.

If only I had a car, or a driver, or a car with a driver.

Best nye.


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