Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini Updates

Like mini poppers, but for the brain.

I found my feather boa! Cost me RM34 and one of the feathers had what looked like poop on it, but at least I can make my costume now. Still couldn't find a skin coloured body suit or top, so I'm gonna use a cream coloured tank top.

Now to make the head, and to buy more tulle or netting to make the skirt puffier. Sigh, I guess I'll have to dissect my tutu now.

I'm still red. I got sunburnt after spending an entire day under the sun for HELP's Sports Carnival on Sunday. Mom still nagging me about how I destroyed my skin even further. Ish. Mengada.

So many events this month. Raya open houses, three birthdays, HSEC's first project, random parties, HELP's sports carnival, HELP's Holloween party, Nuffnang's Holloween party (ok, this one is technically under next month, but since it's for a holiday that's in Oct, I lumped it in here as well).

All that doesn't include those I didn't want to go for, or couldn't go. Aih. Couple that with shopping, and once again I've spent more than I had on hand.

What is wrong with Facebook's photo uploading program!??!?! at the start it works like a wonder, then it can't even load. Now that it can finally load again, it won't successfully upload my photos! Third try now, and if it still won't upload my photos I'm going back to the old manual uploader.


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