Friday, October 24, 2008


Not in the electronic world, but in the physical one.

Leaving the house I spent my entire life in for another.

Not really happy about it.

Yes, my current house is older than me and acts like a 60 year old at times. Wiring's a little wonky, pipes' a little drippy and there are wrinkles in the walls here and there.

But it's where I had most of my firsts.

First fall, first illness, first taste of real food, first of just about everything.

It's my happy place, my sad place, where I go for peace and quiet, for noise and company.

I cry, I laugh, I fear, I annoy, I scold. All in my home.

It's going to be a big change for me. Not only will I wake up to strange surroundings, strange smells and sounds, but I'll also be far from alot of things that are in my daily life.

Everything I do, from studies to Rotaract to chilling out with friends, is centered in PJ/KL, where public transport might be bad, but still bearable, where my "chauffeurs" won't mind driving that extra distance for me, where I know the roads and alleys like the back of my hand.

Once I move, I'll be at least 30 minutes away from all that. And that's if traffic's smooth, and I'm moving barely under the speed limit. Since the parentals still won't let me drive, I'll have to depend on them even more to move around, especially since the bus service in my area is.. wait, what bus service?


Hopefully they'll let me sleep over at friends' places once I move, or I'll have NO nightlife.

Or would you like to be my ah mat?


Ok set! Thank kew you!

*runs before you change your mind*


At 28 October, 2008 15:12 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

only you moving or the whole family?

At 28 October, 2008 15:17 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Whole family. If it's only me moving, I'll move to somewhere closer to my uni rather than somewhere further..

Aihhhhhh sien ah!

At 29 October, 2008 18:00 , Blogger suyan said...

im moving too!
wheres ur new place?


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