Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My nose is running away!

To elope with Michael Jackson's ombwth hahahhaha.

I crack myself up with my SS*-ness.

Well I have to make myself happy since I'm feeling so crappy.

Couldn't sleep the entire night (and the night before, and the night before that, and the one before that... you get my drift. Stupid low quality air cond) , woke up grumpy and feverish, almost missed the HELP bus (thankfully the train's door remained open longer than usual), felt constipated from eating too much chocolate without drinking enough water, have a sore throat because of all that chocolate and now I think I'm down with the flu.

Fever's down, but my nose is as leaky as my air conditioner.

Oh, and my wisdom tooth is still a quarter out but I've not gone to the dentist yet because it doesn't hurt. I am a little worried of getting cavaties there though. I like being the only one in my immediate family with perfect (if a little yellow) teeth. Heeeeeeehehehe. Eh, my bro and sis have brains and beauty, lemme take teeth la jhor.

*SS = Syoik Sendiri = Laughs at own lame jokes.


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