Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nuffnang Screening: House Bunny

So sadddd! Pre-movie dinner, tak jadied. =( Ty had to wait for his car to get back, so we were half an hour late, and there was no one there! Turns out they left to Manhattan's. =(((

But nvm the movie cheered me up alot.

In a nutshell, the movie's somewhat like Legally Blond. Cliche story line, hot babes in skimpy outfits, ups and downs of the life of a bimbo. I would say it's worth watching for the comedy (Seriously, oh the so funny. You should have heard Cheez and Ty... and me. =P), but only if you're paying RM7 or less. House Bunny isn't a movie worth the whole 10 ringgit.

If you're in Malaysia, you can always wait for pasar malam Astro to sell play it.

Ty and I bumped into Cheez there.

Tickets!!! *joins the crowd* Hehe ok la I already collected my tickets one.

Joshua, Kel Li, David and Sherry.

Cindy remembered me! Very well even. Hee. And her new bangs so cute! Like little girl oni. *pats head* hahahahah.

Robb and Pinky manning (and womanning) the ticket booth while Yee Hou is.. is.. erm.. mingling with Nuffnangers? =P

Yee Hou camwhore guru! He's so mean he called me a bimbo wth hermph.

The more I see this picture the more I feel like I've seen it before.

Popcorn, check. Drink, check. Mole, check. Ever kiddy grin, check. Ok all set.


At 02 October, 2008 17:51 , Blogger wen said...

cantik la ur hairband
looks right on you :)

At 03 October, 2008 12:55 , Blogger blue_racoon said... kesian....u the organizer then sendiri kenot make it.. *hugs*

sigh....i think i might need to switch jobs la like this..alwiz have to miss nuffnang events :'(

At 03 October, 2008 13:32 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Wen: hehe perfecto for oily-but-not-that-oily hair days.

Sharlyn: Can ask boss to swap timezones ah? hehe

At 03 October, 2008 16:21 , Blogger jadezheng said...

finally i found your site! tried the one you wrote on my receipt & it didn't work out. it's either my eyes, or your writing has problem, & one of us better admit it. hahaha!

& of coz i remember u lah wtf! anyway, i'm gonna link u now. EVIDENCE i will NEVER forget u, ok mou? :pp


At 05 October, 2008 16:59 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

LOL. I always thought you're Teckiee's friend until she told me that day that her sister also went to House Bunny premiere.

At 05 October, 2008 22:13 , Blogger electronicfly said...

cindy: ehheh. I think abit of both la. My handwriting memang abit cakar ayam one. :P

Simon: No family resemblance meh? hahaha


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