Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Adds

What do you do when someone you don't recognize adds you on Facebook or MSN?

Ask them who they are, and whether you know them, right?


But what do you do when they say you don't know them at all?

(Heh. I know what some of you will say. "If cute one then get to know the person only la!)

They probably just want to make more friends or something, but I don't know. I just feel uncomfortable.

If there was something in common, say a mutual friend, or being from the same school during different times, etc I think I might still be able to find a comfort zone, but when there's totally no mutual ground, I get freaked out.

With girls, I don't feel it that much (yea yea I'm being sexist yada yada yada) but when it's a guy, no matter how cute, I get even more uncomfortable the more they try to learn more about me. If they started out with a message I feel that's more sincere, but when someone just adds me on Facebook or MSN (I still don't know how they got my MSN address) without introducing themselves, and waits for me to ask them who they are, I get the shivers.

I think their first impression on me also impacts my feelings...

nope...v chat here first time...hope u dun mind v b frens...


hello, my name is *removed* as people calling me. i'm mix race arabic indonisian ...anyways.. looking forword to get to know u and hope we can be a friend if u dont mind the way u look pretty cute and gorgeous that i really can't deny it. hope 2 hear from u soon baby.
Geli wannabe playboy. Baby apa baby la I old lady d la.

I apologize for the randomness Miss Fei, but I just thought that I would say hi, so hello. Haha, later.
Ha this one ok, somore quite cute gwailo. =P

Hey, u got married, ain't that sweet! ;o)

This was just wierd.

do u have msn or yahoo?!

Straight to the point. Comfort level dropped waaay low.

So, what would you do?


At 21 October, 2008 10:17 , Blogger faredah said...

wahaha..seriously i alway get the cinapek one.. which is so like cliche! i tak layan..

a friend of mine was so straight forward, she replied to one of her new-myspace friends, "let's get married then".. ajhahaha.. so giler one..


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