Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Here's a list of random thoughts I've had since September 19th that I want to share, but didn't feel like making a post for just one sentence or two:
  1. Paul van Dyke's songs are actually quite nice to slow dance to, if you can ignore the stares.
  2. Malaysian DJs are getting crappier, but Malaysian indie musicians are rocking it!
  3. I miss playing volleyball and my own creation, highball.
  4. Charles Bass looks a little on the gay side at times. Update: Quite often la actually.
  5. The Live Action version of Chibi Maruko-chan is cuter than the original anime.
  6. Tesco's Chocolate ice cream with Tesco cone on a hot, headache-y day: perfection.
  7. I miss performing. Dance, vocals, drama, sports, everything.
  8. Hmm I stopped turning tomato red with my first drink. Not even with my umpteenth drink. Alcohol tolerance went up, or blood circulation worsened?
  9. So many things, so little time, even less on the finance side.
  10. OMB OMB OMB OMB someone stepped on a huge pile of (OMB I think it's human) poo and shared the "love" by stepping everywhere all the way until the bus pickup area.
  11. KAMI: The Movie is gonna be hitting the cinema 1st October! Wooot!
  12. I panicked once you uttered the word "date". You're just not my type la.
  13. I need more hours in a day. Taking on too many responsibilities. Luckily there's the Raya Break.
  14. I want all of us to sit around someone's table and talk like how we used too.
  15. Tiesto's Lethal Industry, the radio edit, has a very creepy laugh to it. Freaked me out.
  16. The day I want to make an omelette is the same day there aren't any eggs. Add thinking of it the entire night, and major bummer man. Oh, and my keys are missing so I can't get out to buy eggies. =(
  17. They still don't realise I'm not some super genius.
  18. How you know you're over someone: You stop emo-ing over them. I now have a very nice emo post title which now needs an emo post to match it.
  19. Bless the creators of Adobe Photoshop. How did events people manage without it?
  20. Funny how distance changes things. From talking everyday to hardly ever.
  21. I don't have to go all the way to KKB for river rafting la. The monsoon drain near my house will do. Seriously looked like white water rapids when I crossed the bridge earlier.
  22. My parents are asleep at 9.30PM. O.O
  23. I think I'm falling for him. Kinda hoping that girl he told me about is me.
  24. Finally you stop lying to yourself! Let the healing and strengthening process begin.
  25. Why are costume choices in MY so limited?
  26. Yum I love my potato salad. Would taste better cold, but I'm too lazy to wait.
  27. I want to watch a horror movie in the wee hours of the morning while it's raining. Then the phone rings.
  28. I miss pushing the tables together to play ping pong in the classroom.
  29. Disturb's Down With The Sickness sounds like a bunch of monkeys hollering.
  30. I'm going to have no nightlife once I move. Everyone's too far away to send me home. =(
  31. Daddy feeds me, mommy stops me. Sometimes it's the other way around. I'm such a spoilt brat sometimes.
  32. No occasion to wear my brown heels so I'm wearing it at home. Heh. Still need to break it in some more. It's still digging in to my heel.
  33. How not to gain weight leh? Rich foods at least once a week, breakfasting AND lunching almost everyday, snacks after dinner, actually, snacks anytime. Junk food, chocolates, Macca's warm soggy fries, cold fizzy drinks. All in the past month. The only thing I cut down so far was alco. I'm so going to end up a diabetic with coronary heart disease.

Woah. And that's only those that I had in a month, while I'm sitting in front of the pc.

HAHAHAHAHA Randomness rocks!


At 21 October, 2008 10:48 , Blogger faredah said...

what's a highball?

At 21 October, 2008 10:56 , Blogger faredah said...

ehhehe.. i like reading this one and can't help nodding myself agreeing to what u were thinking. Like number 18, 19, 20, 23, 24 and 25. ahahahah


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