Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Went back to RI to collect my cheque and to go for lunch with Faredah.

Woot I thought my pay for hardly a full day's worth of work would be less than RM30, or RM20 even, but yay! it's more! Now I don't feel so guilty of the impulse purchase of that top, and I'll have money to shop next Monday!

On my way out, I bumped into the HR manager, and she asked me whether I was interested in transcripting and translating DNA molecules some work from the Qual(itative) team. Wasn't really keen on it, but then she said I can do it from home and just visit the office off and on to hand in/receive work, so what the heck. Easy work, and I can do it from the comfort of my home. Hmm, maybe I can outsource? Hahhahaha.

Had lunch, talked a while, came home.

Opened Facebook and oo they now have Facebook in Bahasa Melayu (BM). Clicked clicked clicked, surfed a little, and reloaded Facebook. Ooo help translate Facebook to English? Why not?

I get to be a part of Facebook BM (though I don't get paid or whatsoever) and practice my translating skills for work. I don't believe in shoddy work. If I'm gonna do something, it better be something done as well as I can, or for myself alone.

Also, since I can bring my work around with me, I can make my future super long commute time into my work time. All I'll need to do is load the files into my mp3 player, have a paper and pen ready and I'm all set. Well, I'll need to get a new mp3 player first, since mine either have loose connections (the sound to one side of my earphones will get cut off/connect at every little bump) or the earphone is spoilt and I have to use the speaker (stupid port is too small for my Creative earphones' jack).

Oh well. I've been wanting a new one for some time already anyway. Sigh, why can't the Creative Zen be cheaper? For that price I rather get the iTouch. Aih. Why won't the law of gravity apply to prices of goods. What goes up MUST come down right?

Need to look for transport for HELP's Holloween Party. I am NOT going to wear my costume on the train and bus. Going there isn't as much a problem as coming back though. I can be there late, but there's no way daddy will be willing to stay up until midnight just to pick me up.



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