Thursday, October 30, 2008

Unknown Feelings

I've not felt this way before.

I feel very happy whenever I'm talking to him, and will even stay up a little longer just to talk to him.
But I don't miss him.

I get a little bothered when he talks about other girls, even if it's just a passing observation.
But the key word here is a little. Almost negligible in fact.

I don't like it when he treats me like another macha.
But I want him to know that I'm there for him.

This is my first time feeling neither here nor there, and both here and there for someone.

Quite confusing, all this different emotions.

It's not something I've gone through before, so it's something I don't quite know how to deal with yet.

At the moment I'm just doing what I do everyday, acting normal, living my life.

I hope I can get it figured out soon.


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