Sunday, October 19, 2008

Vintage Bouquet

I drank, along with Feilicia's entire family (minus Alfred of course, who's in London atm), three bottles of vintage sparkling. 2004, 2002 and the best one, 1998.

The thing is, it's sparkling wine juice!


The dinner was over, everyone but family/almost family already went home. We were sitting in the living room, just chilling out and chitchatting when The Mother (hehe inside joke) wanted something cold to drink, so out came the three remaining bottles of sparkling juice left from hampers years ago. None of us bothered to check the expiry date, until we opened and tried each bottle and came to the conclusion that the grape/apple juices all tasted like prune juice.

Luckily we were lazy and opted for the paper cups instead of the crystal. Imagine drinking expired sparkling juice in crystal goblets. XDDDDDDD

MY stomach is aching now.

Not from the juices la (or so I think) but from laughing so much. Picking on the couple, the brother, the juices and add in Fi's uncle's jokes, aiyo even Ebenezer Scrooge will be laughing like jolly ol' Santa.

I didn't bring my camera since it's running low on juice and I expected to be the camerawoman again, so all photos are with Fi. Will see if there are any nice ones to put up when I get them.

And now I'm off to sleep for at most 5 hours before I have to get up for my uni's Sports Carny.



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