Friday, November 28, 2008

The bane of the economy.

And when I say The economy, I mean MY economy and by MY economy I don't mean Malaysia's economy but my (saya, gwa, wa, wor) economy.

Blogshops are emptying my pocket. RM40 gone for two tops.

Fastest delivery time ever. 30 minutes. =D But getting details from the owner took weeks, if not months. -.-"

The blogshop owner stays less than 10 minutes away from my old house, hence the quick delivery.

Typing this from my old house, since I've not set up my PC nor gotten an IP at the new place.

Oh and good news! My room should be done by today or the latest tomorrow, so I can finally move all my things over and unpack.

No more rummaging through boxes for clothes! Yay!

(This is another scheduled post. Although I've finally finished my deadlines (will not rant on it here although I want to) I would be sitting for my Accounts midterm paper. At the end of the term. That. Starts. Right. Now)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Please help. My friend have lost her 1 year old female Siberian Husky named Emily with blue eyes and markings that is longer on her right than her left.

She was last seen in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL.

Please email if you see her, or drop a comment here.

Do help look out for her and spread the news. Thank you so much.

Con Artist

I was in a rush to get to a LRT station yesterday as I needed to get to KLCC by 5pm so I had to catch a cab.

Murphy's Law took effect.

There are usually 947016702384 cabs dropping and picking people off, and since it was around 4pm the roads have yet to clog up with cars so they will usually take you to where ever you want to go.

I waited for 10 minutes and only one cab stopped. He won't take me to KL Sentral. Not even to Bangsar!

Waited another 10 minutes. Another cab stops. This time it's from Uptownance.

Once I told him I want to get to KL Sentral, he said "Guna meter, tambah dua ringgit. Tak mau meter, 10 ringgit" (Use the meter, add two ringgit. Without meter, 10 ringgit).

Wth? I splurged for lunch, so had only 8 ringgit left, including my emergency cash. There was no way I was going to take the risk of having not enough money to pay for my ride so I got down from the cab. Besides, it was obvious the driver was one of those who gives taxi drivers a bad name by overcharging.

Luckily I didn't have to wait for another 10 minutes to get another cab.

At first he wouldn't take me, but after he saw how desperate I was he kindly drove me to KL Sentral.

My ride only set me back RM4.20.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Valentine's Day, 2007

This is for 2006/2007 PM12ers.

Remember this? Of course you do. Sadly, mom made me dispose it while packing my things to move, so I did my best in preserving it.

I miss all of you.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Am extremely busy with packing and cleaning until I don't even have time to do my assigmnents.

Fell asleep with the lights on, drooling on to my assignment draft.

Yay for waterproof ink.

Be back after Friday.

Might pop in now and then.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Naked protest in Malaysia?!?!

Like, WTH?

I was helping my mom check her email, and when I logged out, this headline on MSN's news site screamed out at me:

The state Government has increased the rental rates for government housing, and the Malaysian People's Reform Movement are against it so much that they are willing to strip down to their birthday suits.

"Protesting naked is our final act of desperation as the state government is literally stealing the clothes off our backs with this price increase," Ramlan told AFP.

"They are not helping the poor people here who barely make enough to afford the present rental of 124 ringgit (34 dollars per month) so how can we afford to pay 250 ringgit?" - Ramlan Abu Bakar, Malaysian People's Reform Movement.

So, if the protest goes on, would they get into the Malaysian Book of Records? First nude protest ma. Malaysia boleh! >.<"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nodding off

I need quality sleep.

It's been weeks since I had a whole night's rest. It keeps on getting disrupted by my leaking air conditioner so while I get my usual 6-8 hours, I wake up about once every two hours or so either becouse of the volume of the dripping (stuffing towels into the pail didn't work once the water level rises above the towel) or for the need to empty the pail.

Having ice cold water dripping onto me while I empty the pail doesn't help.

Neither does having two assignments to hand in this coming Wednesday, or a Accounts paper to sit for on Friday.

The carpenters still have not finished with my new house's furniture. There is no one room that is completed, so none of us can move our things over yet. I've a feeling they won't be able to complete it before the deadline this Sunday. Oh wait, that's our deadline. Theirs was over a month ago. Grrrr.

"We can finish this by Sunday"

Sunday comes.

"We can finish this by Wednesday"

Wednesday comes.

"We can finish this by Friday"

And hopefully when this Friday comes, they really are finished.

Words can't explain it

I plopped down in front of the pc, loaded Blogger with a whole lot of things I want to express.

But I don't know how to put how I feel at this very moment into words or even gestures.

Forget about smell-o-vision, give me mood-o-vision.

I don't think there's any other way for me to convey the exact blend of worry, love, anger, lust and that cupful of unknown-ness.

I think emo and wordy posts are back. If only I can bull this well in all my assignments. (Two due in a week and I've not even started drafting, and I've my Accounts test the following Friday! ZOMB wish me luck and that I suddenly develop Hiro Nakamura's ability to stop time whenever I want.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fed up with NATO

My uni's great.

The lecturers can teach and not just give speeches, the amenities are well maintained, facilities are nothing to shout about, but given the space we have and if compared to other universities in Malaysia, it's actually one of the better ones.

The one thing that isn't great and is in fact, very bad, is the concentration of NATO people.

No Action, Talk Only.

They are the ones that are constantly giving their views even when it's not wanted or already known, the ones who criticise, but do not give constructive criticism, the ones who can see a flaw in other people's work where there isn't one but cannot see the any in their own even if it comes out and pokes them in the eye.

In their world, they are the only ones busy with assignments, projects and activities. Everyone else just have to breathe, nothing else. Whenever you stop them from dumping their work on you, they will give you the disgusted, OMG-you're-the-laziest-person-I-know look and say "But I'm very busy ok, and you said you will help me one what." If you actually bother to tell them that you are very busy as well with your own work, they go on and list every single little thing they have to do, even if actually, someone else is doing it as they "supervise"

They are the type who can make a simple phone call to place an order sound like it takes 5 days of hard labour.

Good luck trying to get those people to do quality work. You'll have a better chance if it's a group assignment, but be prepared to either do their work for them or accept a shoddy piece of work you'll need to redo at the eleventh hour.

If you're already in a project with one, give up trying to change them. Do whatever they are supposed to do yourself, and take it as a lesson to never work with them again.

Save yourself the migraine.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trip to NuffnangKL's office

Well, that's only a small part of this post la. Didn't camwhore in the office. Shy la. Hahahaha.

First I went to class.

CAM101, also known as Introduction to Camwhoring.

Then our tutor finished early, so we had 30 minutes to kill. Breakfast time!

Nasi lemak and curry puffs. Bleh. Curry puffs would be better named sweet puffs.

Lecturer came in and started doing her thing.

So we started sleeping. Hahahaha. No la we aren't always like this.

Took the train to KLCC and walked to IDP's KL office to collect Dawn's offer letter, then off we went to NuffnangKL!

They were all out for lunch, so joined them for makan. Hungry-ish ma. Thanks Chee Ching for picking us up!

Not sure what's the name of that Chinese halal coffeeshop (hafta ask one of the Nuffies) but their Specialty Noodles was not bad. Quite alot also for RM4. Only Yatz, Pinky, Robb, Nicholas, Chingz and Tim was there. The rest were either out for lunch themselves or at work.

Not going to repeat anything spoken during lunch. 18SX. Shhh. There are minors around.

It rained while we were at the coffeeshop, but us girls shared umbrellas la. Aiyah, the guys all strong macho macho one la, can take a little water. xD

Got to see the current NuffnangKL office, including the Nuffie's Corner, but since the new tenant has moved in I didn't get the chance of seeing the old office. Oh, and the table's been thrown away. Quite sad la. Hehe I think if it's still around I might ask my parents to ask for it. Seems like all the owners of that table end up doing very well.

Left after a while. Didn't want to kacau them even more that I already had.

I'm assuming the buzzer was broken.

Walked back to Dang Wangi and as I was crossing the bridge I saw this and just adored the view.

Love willow trees.

There wasn't an escalator heading down, so we walked.

That lady coming down wasn't even right at the top, but about a flight down already. All the best to anyone trying to climb up if the escalator and lift's broken.

Had some time to kill before Dawn's dad came and pick her up, so we got a couple of Slurpees. The RM1 Slurpee is so NOT worth it. I rather pay 80 sen more for the normal one that's twice as big. And what happened to the old flavours? The Slurpee flavours now are all the normal cordial flavours like Orange and Lychee. What about the Blue fizzy one? Or the Green one? I want my fizzy Slurpee!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nuffnang in Australia!

ZOMB Nuffnang has an Australian office! Within two years! Go Nuffnang!

p/s: Eh mae, go check the site everyday!

Jazz Night in Republic@Sunway

On the 6th I went for Jazz Night in Republic@Sunway. Since it's a musical event, I can't quite tell you how it was now, can I? Everything here would be relative to my taste, so there.

Disco balls! Is there a cheap way to make it turn by itself? Nice to have one in my bathroom. Hee.

Three bands played that night.

First up was The Bassment Syndicate, consisting of Stephanie the keyboardist, Yehuda on guitar, Fook on bass and Marcel on drums. Their performance wasn't that good for me as it was very obvious they took famous tunes from everywhere and incorporated them into their song. If they took only a few it's fine, but when almost everything seems to be from other songs, it gets kinda boring. Their best song for me was the last, Sorry I'm Lost.


The second band was Gorky Park with David on the piano, Ian Charlie on guitar, Farouk on bass and Omar on drums with vocalist Cheryl singing in their second song. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to shout about either.

Flash tak cukup power.


The last band to play, If Muppets Could Fly, was my favourite for the night. Their last song, Made in Bangkok was awesome! Their first two songs weren't anything to shout about though, so that killed it for me a little. Nelson on bass, Vinka on the keyboard, Joshua the drummer, Laura on bass, and Uma on the second keyboard.

It was Uma's birthday! How nice is that, having a whole bar singing your birthday song.

Rating: 3.7/5

More photos here.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sanjeev and Wei Kein's Birthdays

Remember this?

Calvin Khoo's birthday.

RAC Subang has started another birthday tradition, and revived our past one.

This time, the victims birthday boys are Sanjeev and Wei Kein.

5 minutes later, still drinking.

10 minutes later, cannot tahan d.

So they take a break. They got it easy this time, since they got to share their big cup of tea. Poor Calvin had to finish his himself.

Finally, finished!

We gave them a much needed toilet break, and then it was time for their facial.


Add this, then you get


Of course, we aren't so evil as not to get them a proper cake.

It's been three years, and we still don't have a shot of the entire club. Someone's always missing.

Next in line: Mr President.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Adidas Kampung

Looking for a pair of Adidas Kampung in KL, but not finding it?

Mini marts, no. Pasar malam (night markets), no. Shoe shops, bigger no.

Now you have only a week left before your hiking expedition, and you really want to get a pair so you can wear it for river rafting also.

(Photo taken from here)

Have no fear outdoor-sy citizens, Electronicfly's here to save your day!

No, she doesn't sell the shoes, but she does know where you can get a pair, and even call up in advance to find out if they have your size in stock.

While on a quest for a new oven, Electronicfly ended up somewhere near OUG and spotted an old school mini mart which boasts a wide variety of shoes, and it was there where she found the much sought after Adidas Kampung (wholly rubber shoes with studs), and the less well known PingPong Shoe (wholly rubber shoes, without studs).

Chiong Keng Trading is at 3, Jalan Sawi, Taman Goodwood, Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur. You can call them at 03-7982-6422.

Oooo, someone from Chiong Keng Trading left a comment. =D Yyuen82 Said:
hi,i'm from chiong keng trading.more details 6422,016-2486 486 Open Daily:Mon-Sat 9am-9.30pm,Sun 9am-1pm.
The shoes size from 36-43,means 3-10,in men's cutting,quite big for girl.It costs RM6.90 per pair.All sizes are available...
Boss, if they say they were referred to from this blog, ada diskaun tak? :D (Yes I love you my readers. Teehee)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

HELP's Night of Mayhem

HELP's BPsych Department had their own Halloween party on the night itself, but to make a party a party, we invited every and anyone who was interested. Hee.

Not only did they have mini jack o'lanterns about... (hehe I think the only pumpkins they could find were the tiny Japanese pumpkins, hence the tiny jack o'lanterns. Should have made it more Malaysian, and used watermelons instead. Heheheheh)

... but they had 'live' decorations as well.

(I think he got the longer straw. His 'deco' costume is definitely more comfy than the mummy's)

I actually took public transport to the party, so I planned my time to reach the venue earlier to change and so on. Luckily, Evie and Vin were there early too.

Bjork, Purple Demon and suicidal clumsy fallen angel.

The only lecturer who came and supported us that night. She banned us from publishing her photo up anywhere at all, hence the pumpkin for a face. Sigh. Her costume was quite cool though. Mat Rempit, after the accident. Hehehe. Ciggie (fake one la) still attached. xD

Her costume only took a couple of hours to make she said. Cuteness.

This year's typical costumes. A witch, Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder, Satan, Joker and every year's favourite, yourself.

Kit, as Bart Simpson during the scene in the Simpson's movie, without the skateboard.

"It's only that big!" ROFLMAO.

Humans and ghouls dining together.

With some of the BPsych Student Council members. Damn cute their hats!

The man in his kilt, with underwear on... or so he said. :P

Kok Wui's attempt at being a Shanghainese mobster failed badly, so he started waiting tables.
That worked very well, until I tried to order a cup of teh-o ais limau. It didn't come.

That night's best dressed finalists. The guy from Scream (also another common costume), lone SWAT crew, Skeleton with a cape, Gorrilla and alien and damn hot devil family trio, Ms Zombie, Fallen Angel, Bjork and Joker.

For the guys, the little alien won hands down. He was soooo adorable! While the winner for the girls was the female Joker. If it was up to me, I would have chosen myself Jill, for her costume was seriously good. She even had the smell of someone covered in henna rotting meat.

This picture doesn't do her costume justice. It looks way better in RL.

Going to conquer Mt Kinabalu next year. Please don't let me roll down while I'm climbing. Gotta start training my extremely unfit body.