Friday, November 07, 2008

Another mini update

Because I'm still trying to tear down that wall that's blocking all my creative juices from flowing out to my fingertips.

Have yet to write about Harley's farewell, HELP and Nuffnang's Halloween parties, Sanjeev and Wei Kein's birthday celebration and Jazz Night in Republic@Sunway.

Upcoming events: Quantum of the Solace screening sponsored by GoMobile, Fei's first trip to Jogoya(50% off for ladies until end of the month!), Pecha Kucha Night, Freedom Elite (still not sure whether I'll go though. The next day I'm..) and moving house!

Oh! I went to the Sony warehouse sale @ Amcorp Mall (it's on until this Sunday, 10am-9.30pm). Don't bother going, seriously. There are so little things for sale, and most of them aren't that much cheaper. You'll probably get better deals during the PC Fair so if it's not something urgent, wait for the fair. This warehouse sale isn't exactly from Sony themselves, but actually from some shop selling off their Sony products, hence the limited variety.

I did find another bargain there though. Becouse my eyes are quite sensitive to bacteria, I can only use strong disinfectants like CIBAVision's Aosept Plus to clean my contact lenses, but the bad thing is that they cost more than the average bottle of multi-perpose solution. In an optical shop in Amcorp Mall, I found a bargain, and bought the last four bottles they had for only RM26. Yay! They are also selling the lenses I use, Baush&Lomb's Softlens 38 for only RM60 per box, but they don't keep stock in the shop, so I'll have to go back and preorder it soon.

Now to hint to my parents I need money, or end up broke during the first week of the month. Bye bye to Jogoya then.



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