Monday, November 03, 2008


Argh! My internet connection has been wonky for the past few days, and everytime I attempt to upload photos to Facebook or Blogger the connection will time out. Will post a proper update on 3 occasions (HELP party, Sanj and Kein's birthdays and of course, Nuffnang-Nokia's Silent Halloween party) as soon as I am able to.

For now, here's a couple of updates.

I'm one of the 10 bloggers spotted with the Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Banner, and so now I have four GSC movie tickets. =D Will be going to NuffnangKL in about 2 weeks time to collect my tickets. Anyone want to join me? Anyone know how to get there? Hehehehe.

The band 40 Winks will be performing in Laundry next Thursday, but I think I might have to skip it. =( Stupid Accounting midterm paper's on Friday. If any of you are free and around the area that night, do drop in and give them a listen. No cover charge, and you'll get to enjoy great music. Our local entertainment industry is most definitely getting better by the mile.

Accounting! I hatezzzz itzzzz! Totally don't understand it, and being one of the very few with no accounting background in the class does not help at all. My next paper carries 20% of my results, and I've still no idea how to answer anything! This evening I flipped to the first chapter of my textbook and got the first question wrong. Checking the answer only made me more confused, since what I've been doing all this while and what the answer wrote was totally different! The thing about accounting that frustrates me so much is that when the lecturer is teaching or going through the workings, I would understand most of it, if not all, but when I try and do the same thing myself I screw everything up. Sigh.

Stopping here for today. Finished designing Choir's Mini Concert posters, and now on to the tickets. Sigh. No theme or even a logo to work with. Hafta start from scratch again.


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