Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fed up with NATO

My uni's great.

The lecturers can teach and not just give speeches, the amenities are well maintained, facilities are nothing to shout about, but given the space we have and if compared to other universities in Malaysia, it's actually one of the better ones.

The one thing that isn't great and is in fact, very bad, is the concentration of NATO people.

No Action, Talk Only.

They are the ones that are constantly giving their views even when it's not wanted or already known, the ones who criticise, but do not give constructive criticism, the ones who can see a flaw in other people's work where there isn't one but cannot see the any in their own even if it comes out and pokes them in the eye.

In their world, they are the only ones busy with assignments, projects and activities. Everyone else just have to breathe, nothing else. Whenever you stop them from dumping their work on you, they will give you the disgusted, OMG-you're-the-laziest-person-I-know look and say "But I'm very busy ok, and you said you will help me one what." If you actually bother to tell them that you are very busy as well with your own work, they go on and list every single little thing they have to do, even if actually, someone else is doing it as they "supervise"

They are the type who can make a simple phone call to place an order sound like it takes 5 days of hard labour.

Good luck trying to get those people to do quality work. You'll have a better chance if it's a group assignment, but be prepared to either do their work for them or accept a shoddy piece of work you'll need to redo at the eleventh hour.

If you're already in a project with one, give up trying to change them. Do whatever they are supposed to do yourself, and take it as a lesson to never work with them again.

Save yourself the migraine.


At 19 November, 2008 21:00 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because people have low expectations when it comes to their work, and inadvertently pulls the ones who wants to do proper work down. For me group work comes first, but haiyah manyak malas already la my principles breaking apart already cos not many people share them. I'm still one cool madefahke though.


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