Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For one of my assignments, I have to identify a part of me that is abnormal, and discuss it.

For quite some time I didn't know what to write. What's so abnormal about me? Normal je.

Until today.

I realised one thing about me that is actually highly abnormal, but I've been this way for so long, and everyone accepts it as me being me that I didn't realise it's actually abnormal behaviour. Until now that is.

I am RANDOM. To the EXTREME. Like, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a stickler to routine, I think I will rate myself a 2048219501.57. Please take note of the decimal point.

I realised it like, just now, when I had a bazillion thoughts going through my head, and I felt like updating my Twitter with every single one of them. Of course I didn't do it. Don't wanna get pinned as a spammer.

I've also been smiling and frowning and even laughed a single "Ha" this whole evening, but I can't think of any reason I did all those things.

I'm playing with ants now. Trapping some of them in a roll of packing tape, realising that group, and trapping another. Heeee.

Oh man there are so many ants in the room. I think there's dropped food somewhere or something.

It's midnight. Why am I still so energetic? I'm normally half asleep by now.

IMing with a friend now. Dissing him all the wayyyyy.

OMB so drooling over Christopher Gorham now. So hot~~~! *fans self*

O.O mom walked in on me fawning over Christopher Gorham. Lucky can cover.

And all that's only in the past... 5 minutes?

Now to think of why I am so random, and how to make myself less random.


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