Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GoMobile GoMobile Go

GoMobile, The Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event of the Year.

Why does it sound more like Inspector Gadget's mobile phone leh?

GoMobile's actually a group/corporation/thingy for mobile enthusiast and as a member of the GoMobile clique, you can win freebies like phones (duh!), magazines subscriptions and t-shirts while enjoying privileges like the Learn English' web service from LTT Communications.

One of their competitions that I'm participating in would be their Quantum of the Solace screening this Sunday exclusively for Nuffnang users.

Twenty five authors of the best blog posts will get double passes to oogle at Daniel Craig's oh so hawt body omg drool watch the most famous secret (or not so secret) agent kick ass (or hump it, depending who owns said ass).


This will be a show not only for action fans, but for all boys and girls alike. The guys can take the cars and Bond Girls, while we girls can drool after the dresses and Daniel Craig la omb! jewellery.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging!


At 04 November, 2008 18:16 , Blogger jadezheng said...

why he doesn't have 6 packs wannn? =/


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