Thursday, November 06, 2008

Google Me

I get a kick everytime I see my nick in the list of keywords people used in their search engine.

(I'm writing this as I watch "Beverly Hills Most Nervous Dog Chihuahua". I know, it's hasn't opened here yet, but heh power of der Interwebs)

It makes me feel, for that two seconds, a step closer to celebrityhood. Heeeeehehehe ok finished laughing.

(Chihuahua in a bikini. Suntanning. Wth? Fur can tan one meh?)

I do have my paranoid moments, and then I start wondering who Googles me. Who am I kidding? I'm but a small fart blogger who gets less than a hundred unique hits a day.

(Be right back. I've seafood noodles with crabs waiting for me. Mmmmmmm. Ok I'm back. Last week's was better. The crab made me start craving for butter crab. I now smell something fishy)

So, genuine fan, or creapy stalker?

But if they're a fan, they'll know my blog address, and won't need to resort to using any search engine to find me. Same thing if they're a stalker.

So who are they?

(Is it pronounced ChiWaWa, or ChiHwaHwa? I personally prefer Chihwahwa, but if the dog's from China, please call it Chiwawa. Wawa = doll in Mandarin, and Chihuahuas are sorta doll-like with their tiny size. Ugly doll, but still a doll. Oh, and I like what one of the dogs "said". And I quote, "We're Mexican, not Mexican't". So cute!)

Meh, the video stopped loading halfway. Lazy to wait for it to load, so this post ends here.

(Hehehe, yes, this is a pre-written post. Been really busy lately until I get so tired I can fall asleep at 9pm. For serious. 9pm. Add in Accounting midterm's next Friday and there you go, stressed fly. Sigh I still can't do a whole question myself without referring to past work. Sometimes even when Irefer to past work I still can't do it. T.T Event updates will be up next week the latest. Promise.)


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