Thursday, November 13, 2008

HELP's Night of Mayhem

HELP's BPsych Department had their own Halloween party on the night itself, but to make a party a party, we invited every and anyone who was interested. Hee.

Not only did they have mini jack o'lanterns about... (hehe I think the only pumpkins they could find were the tiny Japanese pumpkins, hence the tiny jack o'lanterns. Should have made it more Malaysian, and used watermelons instead. Heheheheh)

... but they had 'live' decorations as well.

(I think he got the longer straw. His 'deco' costume is definitely more comfy than the mummy's)

I actually took public transport to the party, so I planned my time to reach the venue earlier to change and so on. Luckily, Evie and Vin were there early too.

Bjork, Purple Demon and suicidal clumsy fallen angel.

The only lecturer who came and supported us that night. She banned us from publishing her photo up anywhere at all, hence the pumpkin for a face. Sigh. Her costume was quite cool though. Mat Rempit, after the accident. Hehehe. Ciggie (fake one la) still attached. xD

Her costume only took a couple of hours to make she said. Cuteness.

This year's typical costumes. A witch, Kirk Lazarus from Tropic Thunder, Satan, Joker and every year's favourite, yourself.

Kit, as Bart Simpson during the scene in the Simpson's movie, without the skateboard.

"It's only that big!" ROFLMAO.

Humans and ghouls dining together.

With some of the BPsych Student Council members. Damn cute their hats!

The man in his kilt, with underwear on... or so he said. :P

Kok Wui's attempt at being a Shanghainese mobster failed badly, so he started waiting tables.
That worked very well, until I tried to order a cup of teh-o ais limau. It didn't come.

That night's best dressed finalists. The guy from Scream (also another common costume), lone SWAT crew, Skeleton with a cape, Gorrilla and alien and damn hot devil family trio, Ms Zombie, Fallen Angel, Bjork and Joker.

For the guys, the little alien won hands down. He was soooo adorable! While the winner for the girls was the female Joker. If it was up to me, I would have chosen myself Jill, for her costume was seriously good. She even had the smell of someone covered in henna rotting meat.

This picture doesn't do her costume justice. It looks way better in RL.

Going to conquer Mt Kinabalu next year. Please don't let me roll down while I'm climbing. Gotta start training my extremely unfit body.


At 14 November, 2008 21:32 , Blogger Johnny Ong said...

i think u will roll down when u are descending, not during climbing hehe

go train at least 3 mths prior to the climb


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