Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jazz Night in Republic@Sunway

On the 6th I went for Jazz Night in Republic@Sunway. Since it's a musical event, I can't quite tell you how it was now, can I? Everything here would be relative to my taste, so there.

Disco balls! Is there a cheap way to make it turn by itself? Nice to have one in my bathroom. Hee.

Three bands played that night.

First up was The Bassment Syndicate, consisting of Stephanie the keyboardist, Yehuda on guitar, Fook on bass and Marcel on drums. Their performance wasn't that good for me as it was very obvious they took famous tunes from everywhere and incorporated them into their song. If they took only a few it's fine, but when almost everything seems to be from other songs, it gets kinda boring. Their best song for me was the last, Sorry I'm Lost.


The second band was Gorky Park with David on the piano, Ian Charlie on guitar, Farouk on bass and Omar on drums with vocalist Cheryl singing in their second song. Nothing to complain about, but nothing to shout about either.

Flash tak cukup power.


The last band to play, If Muppets Could Fly, was my favourite for the night. Their last song, Made in Bangkok was awesome! Their first two songs weren't anything to shout about though, so that killed it for me a little. Nelson on bass, Vinka on the keyboard, Joshua the drummer, Laura on bass, and Uma on the second keyboard.

It was Uma's birthday! How nice is that, having a whole bar singing your birthday song.

Rating: 3.7/5

More photos here.


At 20 November, 2008 14:42 , Blogger wen said...

take a mirror.
break it.
endure 7 years of bad luck.
in the meantime, glue broken mirror shards on a styrofoam ball.
then hang it up and enjoy looking at it while you're having bad luck :)

At 20 November, 2008 14:42 , Blogger wen said...

oh cheh make it turn..
put it near a fan :)


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