Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More on Nuffnang-Nokia's Silent Halloween party

I actually wanted to include these photos into the original post, but couldn't think of a way to put it into the story. Been having moodswings lately, so the mood to write is gone.

If you want to be mummyfied, contact us at 1-800-Nuffnang.

See! Top to toe, nothing peeking out. Can see "san choi" (curves baby curves) somore.

Marsha Brady going through a facial disaster.

Ms "Michelle" Jackson and her lost-and-then-found camera. She gave me a shock. I burst her balloon just when she was about to panic from her missing camera, so for a good 5 minutes I felt so evil. Bad evil, mind you.

Modern mummy.

Paris Hilton and Captain Hook, the male and male female best dressed.

The 13 of us. Oh what a lucky number. Seriously, quite lucky. Left Ty's place late as usual, but reached Borneo Baruk Club with time to spare before the party started. We also left with total prizes of two squishy maggotty skulls, four (plus two coming soon) movie tickets, two thumbdrives and the best of all, a Nokia XpressMusic 5230 phone with Bluetooth headset and 5 Universal Music CDs.
(Left to right: Back: Tik Tsin, Shon, Ty, Vin, Thong Siang, Yi Ting. Front, standing: Chee Hong, Cheez, Jessie, Lee Quin, me. Front, squatting: Sze Wei, David)

My "WTH who burst my balloon!?!?" face. Heee.

Erm Dr Evil, I think you're sucking the wrong finger.

Love this, but passed it to sis who needed it more than me.

Free stuff.

His contact lenses eyes, so sexy scary! Oh, and no la, he didn't really smell la. Previous post was fictional leh.

The best Puah Chu Kang costume I've seen, together with the mole, yellow boots and the PHONE!

Mini Me got possessed and attacked Dr. Evil.

Update: This, MUST put up!

KY, as Rain. He "rained" on me before the party even started. FYI if you can't see the design clearly, KY painted a blue raincloud on his face.


At 11 November, 2008 17:50 , Blogger sabahking said...

this type of party is really good !! a lot of very very nice photo !!

At 12 November, 2008 15:54 , Blogger vvens said...

omg i was really panic lor! anyway thanks alot of helping out. really appreciate it! :)

At 13 November, 2008 09:37 , Blogger blue_racoon said...

ee feeeeiiiiii!!! do u have a pix of us together one ah? can send to me?? :D

btw...i posted the post on halloween already....go see see okies?? :p


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