Friday, November 21, 2008

Naked protest in Malaysia?!?!

Like, WTH?

I was helping my mom check her email, and when I logged out, this headline on MSN's news site screamed out at me:

The state Government has increased the rental rates for government housing, and the Malaysian People's Reform Movement are against it so much that they are willing to strip down to their birthday suits.

"Protesting naked is our final act of desperation as the state government is literally stealing the clothes off our backs with this price increase," Ramlan told AFP.

"They are not helping the poor people here who barely make enough to afford the present rental of 124 ringgit (34 dollars per month) so how can we afford to pay 250 ringgit?" - Ramlan Abu Bakar, Malaysian People's Reform Movement.

So, if the protest goes on, would they get into the Malaysian Book of Records? First nude protest ma. Malaysia boleh! >.<"


At 22 November, 2008 22:46 , Blogger 3POINT8 said...

Agreed! Msia boleh!


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