Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nodding off

I need quality sleep.

It's been weeks since I had a whole night's rest. It keeps on getting disrupted by my leaking air conditioner so while I get my usual 6-8 hours, I wake up about once every two hours or so either becouse of the volume of the dripping (stuffing towels into the pail didn't work once the water level rises above the towel) or for the need to empty the pail.

Having ice cold water dripping onto me while I empty the pail doesn't help.

Neither does having two assignments to hand in this coming Wednesday, or a Accounts paper to sit for on Friday.

The carpenters still have not finished with my new house's furniture. There is no one room that is completed, so none of us can move our things over yet. I've a feeling they won't be able to complete it before the deadline this Sunday. Oh wait, that's our deadline. Theirs was over a month ago. Grrrr.

"We can finish this by Sunday"

Sunday comes.

"We can finish this by Wednesday"

Wednesday comes.

"We can finish this by Friday"

And hopefully when this Friday comes, they really are finished.


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