Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trip to NuffnangKL's office

Well, that's only a small part of this post la. Didn't camwhore in the office. Shy la. Hahahaha.

First I went to class.

CAM101, also known as Introduction to Camwhoring.

Then our tutor finished early, so we had 30 minutes to kill. Breakfast time!

Nasi lemak and curry puffs. Bleh. Curry puffs would be better named sweet puffs.

Lecturer came in and started doing her thing.

So we started sleeping. Hahahaha. No la we aren't always like this.

Took the train to KLCC and walked to IDP's KL office to collect Dawn's offer letter, then off we went to NuffnangKL!

They were all out for lunch, so joined them for makan. Hungry-ish ma. Thanks Chee Ching for picking us up!

Not sure what's the name of that Chinese halal coffeeshop (hafta ask one of the Nuffies) but their Specialty Noodles was not bad. Quite alot also for RM4. Only Yatz, Pinky, Robb, Nicholas, Chingz and Tim was there. The rest were either out for lunch themselves or at work.

Not going to repeat anything spoken during lunch. 18SX. Shhh. There are minors around.

It rained while we were at the coffeeshop, but us girls shared umbrellas la. Aiyah, the guys all strong macho macho one la, can take a little water. xD

Got to see the current NuffnangKL office, including the Nuffie's Corner, but since the new tenant has moved in I didn't get the chance of seeing the old office. Oh, and the table's been thrown away. Quite sad la. Hehe I think if it's still around I might ask my parents to ask for it. Seems like all the owners of that table end up doing very well.

Left after a while. Didn't want to kacau them even more that I already had.

I'm assuming the buzzer was broken.

Walked back to Dang Wangi and as I was crossing the bridge I saw this and just adored the view.

Love willow trees.

There wasn't an escalator heading down, so we walked.

That lady coming down wasn't even right at the top, but about a flight down already. All the best to anyone trying to climb up if the escalator and lift's broken.

Had some time to kill before Dawn's dad came and pick her up, so we got a couple of Slurpees. The RM1 Slurpee is so NOT worth it. I rather pay 80 sen more for the normal one that's twice as big. And what happened to the old flavours? The Slurpee flavours now are all the normal cordial flavours like Orange and Lychee. What about the Blue fizzy one? Or the Green one? I want my fizzy Slurpee!


At 19 November, 2008 17:06 , Blogger Nicholas Chay said...

Thank you for the Cheezels! :D

At 19 November, 2008 22:41 , Blogger pinkyping said...

yeah Ee Fei Thank you soooo much! I think we gobble almost more than half of it already :P

At 19 November, 2008 22:47 , Blogger electronicfly said...

Hehe, you're welcome. =D
Wah still have so much left ah? Good thing I'm not working there, or by the next afternoon no more d one.

At 29 November, 2008 17:31 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

The road down your college look so freaking familiar lol.


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