Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Change of plans

Love my dearies very much. They changed their plans just for me. Shuttup I don't care if it's not really just for me imma gonna believe it's just for meeeee.

NYE with the girls is on! But at a different location. And sis is willing to send me there and back. =)

Will talk about West Lake Garden Restaurant's coming CNY menu soon. Now I need to go for brekkie. Yums! Pork ball noodles!!!! /me salivates

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Attempted PM12 gathering.

Poor Cindy had to work on a Saturday, so since I was going to One Utama anyway, I dropped by to teman her as I wait for my collegemates to arrive.

No wonder she says she gets lonely. The studio is so isolated. It's right at a corner in Rainforest, beside HSBC. Now I'm sure you're asking where's HSBC. Heh. If I'm not mistaken, it's near Oreantal Cravings (or a restaurant with a similar name). You have to head to the outdoor area and turn to the right to find the studio. Do pop over when you're there to say hi to Cindy if you know her. So sad la stuck in office alone with nothing to do, on a weekend somore. Sigh.

Waited a while until Sam came and since Wilson and Suyan were coming later, we went off for lunch first. Walked about trying to decide where to eat and finally settled for Pick&Brew. Had their Christmas Set, which I now regret. It's only RM28++ for a soup, main course and a drink, but the main course was so tiny, and the drink was some plain cordail thingy. Not worth the price, especially since the chef cooked my beef until it's well done. Beef cooked well done = rather eat leather.

The next time I'm there I'm gonna whack the ala carte dishes only. Suyan's Chicken Salad and my sister's Fish with Lentils dish was not only cheaper even after adding a drink, but the portions are alot bigger not to mention looking alot yummier.

A meal for four, including two desserts, cost us a total of about RM140. Sigh. There goes my money.

I forgot to bring my movie vouchers from Nuffnang, so I had to fork out RM10 to watch Yesman. Sigh. Money flying out of my pocket again. The movie was good for laughs, but I say it's not worth the weekend price. RM7, ok. RM10, not really. I rather pay RM10 to watch Hormones again. Hehehe bloody good show. Anyone want to watch it? I sponsor ticket. Catch is we need to go to a GSC and you'll need to send me home if I've no transport home. Gahaha. Ask for a foot, take a yard mile.

Oh, and why I titled this post as an attempted PM12 gathering? Only four (including myself) came out of about 30 PM12ers. Some aren't in town, some couldn't make it but the bulk didn't even bother replying or picking up the phone.

Friday, December 26, 2008

On the second day of Christmas...

I got myself some things,
Fourteen gigs of music,
Five gigs of movies,
And three TV series still downloading~~

(Sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas)

No, Streamyx was not being a saint, letting me download all that in a day.

Since I got my brother's old PC running, I spent the entire day transferring all my files from my sister's PC to this one.

I don't own an external hard drive, so I had to make do with my 2gb, 1gb and 512kb thumbdrives as well as my 2gb SD card to do all the transferring. Two usable ports on my sister's PC, but only one on mine, hence all that time wasted to transfer less than 20gb of data.

Finished installing most of the software I need to use but still have Adobe Reader and Photoshop to go. Corrupted files on the CD doesn't help.

Need to start collecting all my smileys again, unless some kind soul here knows a way to transfer smileys from one PC to another without sending all smileys to someone, for that someone to send back to me?


Yay my PC's up and running!

In the process of transferring all my files and downloading plugins, installing AVs, etc.

Get ready for more of me soon!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and have a great new year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Punching bag

Where is it when you need it?

It took me all I had to not scream at him.

Trying not to pound my sister's keyboard to smithereens.

I wasn't the one who wanted to move to the middle of no where. I was against it the entire way.

I didn't just assume you would chauffeur me around. You were the one who promised you would when I brought up my transport problems.

I am the one who is arranging everything according to your schedule when you said you would arrange yours according to mine.

I fucking want to move back home. HOME.

Where everything is within a 15 minute drive, where public transport is readily available, where all my friends are, where my classes are, where my job is, where I don't have to fucking wait for someone to hitch a ride home, where I don't have to spend 90 minutes getting to class, where I don't have to be up by 6AM to go for my 12PM class, where I can get away from you just by walking to the train station, WHERE MY ENTIRE LIFE IS.

I don't want to live in a place where everything is at LEAST a 15 minute drive away, where there is no bus stop within a 15 minute walk (15 minute drive more like it), where the closest movie theatre is 20 minutes and a toll booth away, where you think it's "safe" just because there's a security guard at the entrance when there are at least 15 construction workers around at any one point in time, that causes me to decline every single social outing that will start or end after 5PM or is on a weekend ie EVERYTHING.

I fucking want to move back HOME.


Finally had the time and transport to go over to the nearest pc shop to see what is wrong with my pc. When they tested it, there was nothing wrong, so that means my pc has been sitting there collecting dust because of a faulty cd. Sigh.

Luckily there's a pasar malam near-ish my place tonight, so I can...

(a) buy a pirated copy of Windows XP Pro (Don't quite like Vista).
(b) see what good food they have there.
(c) exercise.
(d) all of the above.

Which is the correct answer?

Of course it's (b) la. Since when do I willingly exercise and piracy is illegal.


I have a very bad feeling I will be forced to quit from Rotaract soon. Unless my parents stick to their word and become my chauffeurs no matter what time it is or my mom get a new car so I get to crash drive her Wira I will have extremely alot of trouble getting to my meetings or events since they are usually held during weekends or weeknights, and I'm only around PJ/KL during weekdays.

The social world is so going to miss me soon.

I don't even know whether I can make it for this year's girls' night out on Christmas eve, or for Wennie's NYE party or even my baby girl's 21st birthday. Since there is no way any family member will want to wait up for me and drive for an hour just for me to party I have to persuade mom to let me sleep over at someone's.

I finally reached a time where I have quite little things to do but now I have no way of doing things I want to do!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Photos

Open door now, or I poop on your couch.


White water rafting, grade 0.5


My current state.

I don't. I learn by facilitated diffusion. Beat that, kitty kat! (woo me made rhymie)

Harley's last meeting with us before he leaves for SG.

Mr Krabbs.

Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds. May Contain Traces of Nuts.
There better be more that just traces of nuts in there!

Poop (I think) on my feather boa. Yes, I cut it out right after took this photo.

So drink beer. Microorganisms just puke in it.

Nuffnangers.. tsk tsk. Why everyone so interested in sex only one har?
(Oh btw, look at who's post was most popular that day)

Nothing else needs to be said.

On wall in the ladies' loo @ Italiannies Sunway, which is beside a bar.

Alvin's wearing Szen's cardigan, and Zhen's scarf. Cannot get any gayer than this.
Wait. I think he can!

Tradition, revived.

The closest we have to a full club photo. Need to Photoshop Lilian into it for completion. Hee.

Kids, pay attention in class.

Stairs out of Dang Wangi's LRT station. I hope the escalator never fails.

First trip to NuffnangKL's office.

Dawn's iPod. Pay attention to the last folder's name.

This is another scheduled post. When this is published, I would be in the exam hall exam-ing.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

JustApple, this is for you!

JustApple, lookie!

Not only these two apples, but a whole box of them!

Message from a greater being, maybe? Lol.

Someone who owns a Fuji apple orchard in Japan and is also a huge fan of Apple stuck stickers on his apples and poof! Apple now "produces" apples!

I wonder whether we can do the same thing with durians. Stick some stickers on it and poof! no thorns! That will be so uber 1337 yo.

From Apple Apples Sadly Aren't McIntosh, Geekalogie.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Call me Grumpy

The wireless is kaput.

The guy we called to fix it came almost three hours late.

He couldn't fix it nor find the problem (I sorta isolated the problem myself just now), and not only that, he turned off the power to the pc TWICE without shutting down like wtf? Sure you tech techician ah abang?

Two of my cousins are being very bratty. Why do kids now like to talk back to their elders? All my grandma did was remind them to drink more water because of the weather. Tsk. Supporting corporal punishment at the moment.

Weather SUCKS. Bloody hot right now. Going to lock myself in my room, turn on the air conditioner and blast my music player while attempting to study my PSY106. Accounts paper, go screw yourself.

Anyone has something hard they want to destroy? Bring it to me together with a baseball bat and I'll help you do the job within 10 minutes.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time waster

I thought I could save time and RM2.40 (I know I'm cheap so what blueks) by hitching a ride with a friend who uses either the LDP or NKVE to get home.

By the time he realised that the LDP was gonna be converted to a big parking lot, we had already walked 49107402174012741 kilometers (hehe yes I exaggerate) to his car and was driving out of the parking housing area.

He ended up dropping me of at the main block of my uni.


Ended up waiting for the bus, and of all days, the bus have to be tardy on the day I was going to take it. Called dad who was waiting at the old house to come and get me after waiting for the bus for at least 30 minutes. The wait for dad to come? 45 minutes. All thanks to that big parking lot named LDP.

From there it was another 90 minutes to get home as we had to go through a small portion of another parking lot (Old Klang Road). All in all? Almost three hours to get home.

How to lose weight to get fit for KK la? Have to kill time by eating. Haih.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


The boredom bug has bitten my cousins.

Do, Rae and Mi are three kids actually tired of watching TV. Another older cousin is bored of watching cartoons with said bored kids.

How bored?

Going out the the supermarket was a big thing.

Ah huh. That bored.

I'm at home, trying to finish reading my slides for tomorrow's paper.

Ended up typing this. Heh.

The internet connection here is sooooo slow. Gonna be changing to a wireless once I go get my own PC fixed after my finals.

Bye bye. Have to stop-eth procrastinating-eth now-eth.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


9 drafts.

1 almost done.
1 waiting for the right time.
2 still work in progress.
3 titled and point-formed but not written.
2 completed but will never be published within the next five years at least.

*clicks on the Save Now button*

Another draft created.


Thursday, December 04, 2008


Room was completed at least three days late, there's still work to be done around the living hall, kitchen and my parent's room. They must finish by today because my relatives from Singapore are coming over tonight, and by Sunday my maternal grandparents and some cousins will be coming over as well for the school holidays.

How long they'll be here, I have no idea. Everything that has to do with the new house has bad timing. Renovation works, moving in, travelling, relatives coming over when I'm just about to sit for my finals, sigh.

Been reaching Uni by 8.30am at the latest (more often than not I'm there by 8.15am) every time I have class, even if it's at 12pm. I now travel with my sis to KLCC, and get the train from there to Bangsar and then either the HELP or RapidKL bus to KPD. Sadness no?

There's something wrong with my PC. Might have to change the motherboard. Wth, if I knew there were so many problems with my brother's old PC, I wouldn't have changed both CD-ROMs and hard drive and now change the motherboard. I'll have just gotten a new CPU. Not like the current one is damn geng or what. Ish.

PSY112 finals on the 10th, then 106's is on the 15th and my Accouts finals fall on the 16th. Won't be able to go for prom anymore since I can't get transport back to my home that's in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully plans to go to Jogoya will fall through la, if not me very sad.

Need to save alot of money for my Mt KK climb. Sis said the 3d2n climb will cost at least RM1.6k and that's all I have in my bank atm. Still have to save/earn the money to pay for the remaining days I'm in KK, and also for other expenses. I'm pulling a negative now in my monthly budget. Always end up using more than I have, and off to the ATM I go. Sigh. Thank goodness my parents are wise enough to not give me a credit card.

Gonna go for breakfast and the library should be open by then. Time to hit the books. Hope my head doesn't hit the books. Already drooled on one library book before, don't wanna drool on another or even worse, my notes O.O!!