Monday, December 22, 2008


Finally had the time and transport to go over to the nearest pc shop to see what is wrong with my pc. When they tested it, there was nothing wrong, so that means my pc has been sitting there collecting dust because of a faulty cd. Sigh.

Luckily there's a pasar malam near-ish my place tonight, so I can...

(a) buy a pirated copy of Windows XP Pro (Don't quite like Vista).
(b) see what good food they have there.
(c) exercise.
(d) all of the above.

Which is the correct answer?

Of course it's (b) la. Since when do I willingly exercise and piracy is illegal.


I have a very bad feeling I will be forced to quit from Rotaract soon. Unless my parents stick to their word and become my chauffeurs no matter what time it is or my mom get a new car so I get to crash drive her Wira I will have extremely alot of trouble getting to my meetings or events since they are usually held during weekends or weeknights, and I'm only around PJ/KL during weekdays.

The social world is so going to miss me soon.

I don't even know whether I can make it for this year's girls' night out on Christmas eve, or for Wennie's NYE party or even my baby girl's 21st birthday. Since there is no way any family member will want to wait up for me and drive for an hour just for me to party I have to persuade mom to let me sleep over at someone's.

I finally reached a time where I have quite little things to do but now I have no way of doing things I want to do!



At 29 December, 2008 04:56 , Blogger Sanjeev said...

we definitely miss u already
another ying bday, farewell dinner

movies, dinners coming up...
meetings and projects too....
do join us whenever u can...
we to have u along

stay on....wif subang
once awhile is good enuf,k?


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