Saturday, December 27, 2008

Attempted PM12 gathering.

Poor Cindy had to work on a Saturday, so since I was going to One Utama anyway, I dropped by to teman her as I wait for my collegemates to arrive.

No wonder she says she gets lonely. The studio is so isolated. It's right at a corner in Rainforest, beside HSBC. Now I'm sure you're asking where's HSBC. Heh. If I'm not mistaken, it's near Oreantal Cravings (or a restaurant with a similar name). You have to head to the outdoor area and turn to the right to find the studio. Do pop over when you're there to say hi to Cindy if you know her. So sad la stuck in office alone with nothing to do, on a weekend somore. Sigh.

Waited a while until Sam came and since Wilson and Suyan were coming later, we went off for lunch first. Walked about trying to decide where to eat and finally settled for Pick&Brew. Had their Christmas Set, which I now regret. It's only RM28++ for a soup, main course and a drink, but the main course was so tiny, and the drink was some plain cordail thingy. Not worth the price, especially since the chef cooked my beef until it's well done. Beef cooked well done = rather eat leather.

The next time I'm there I'm gonna whack the ala carte dishes only. Suyan's Chicken Salad and my sister's Fish with Lentils dish was not only cheaper even after adding a drink, but the portions are alot bigger not to mention looking alot yummier.

A meal for four, including two desserts, cost us a total of about RM140. Sigh. There goes my money.

I forgot to bring my movie vouchers from Nuffnang, so I had to fork out RM10 to watch Yesman. Sigh. Money flying out of my pocket again. The movie was good for laughs, but I say it's not worth the weekend price. RM7, ok. RM10, not really. I rather pay RM10 to watch Hormones again. Hehehe bloody good show. Anyone want to watch it? I sponsor ticket. Catch is we need to go to a GSC and you'll need to send me home if I've no transport home. Gahaha. Ask for a foot, take a yard mile.

Oh, and why I titled this post as an attempted PM12 gathering? Only four (including myself) came out of about 30 PM12ers. Some aren't in town, some couldn't make it but the bulk didn't even bother replying or picking up the phone.


At 30 December, 2008 03:39 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

Hmm, small portion huh but of course lah, you think the rent in 1 U cheap? Bigger portion might take you back RM 38 for the set.


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