Thursday, December 11, 2008

Call me Grumpy

The wireless is kaput.

The guy we called to fix it came almost three hours late.

He couldn't fix it nor find the problem (I sorta isolated the problem myself just now), and not only that, he turned off the power to the pc TWICE without shutting down like wtf? Sure you tech techician ah abang?

Two of my cousins are being very bratty. Why do kids now like to talk back to their elders? All my grandma did was remind them to drink more water because of the weather. Tsk. Supporting corporal punishment at the moment.

Weather SUCKS. Bloody hot right now. Going to lock myself in my room, turn on the air conditioner and blast my music player while attempting to study my PSY106. Accounts paper, go screw yourself.

Anyone has something hard they want to destroy? Bring it to me together with a baseball bat and I'll help you do the job within 10 minutes.


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