Monday, December 22, 2008

Punching bag

Where is it when you need it?

It took me all I had to not scream at him.

Trying not to pound my sister's keyboard to smithereens.

I wasn't the one who wanted to move to the middle of no where. I was against it the entire way.

I didn't just assume you would chauffeur me around. You were the one who promised you would when I brought up my transport problems.

I am the one who is arranging everything according to your schedule when you said you would arrange yours according to mine.

I fucking want to move back home. HOME.

Where everything is within a 15 minute drive, where public transport is readily available, where all my friends are, where my classes are, where my job is, where I don't have to fucking wait for someone to hitch a ride home, where I don't have to spend 90 minutes getting to class, where I don't have to be up by 6AM to go for my 12PM class, where I can get away from you just by walking to the train station, WHERE MY ENTIRE LIFE IS.

I don't want to live in a place where everything is at LEAST a 15 minute drive away, where there is no bus stop within a 15 minute walk (15 minute drive more like it), where the closest movie theatre is 20 minutes and a toll booth away, where you think it's "safe" just because there's a security guard at the entrance when there are at least 15 construction workers around at any one point in time, that causes me to decline every single social outing that will start or end after 5PM or is on a weekend ie EVERYTHING.

I fucking want to move back HOME.


At 22 December, 2008 21:19 , Blogger MaE : ) said...

it's okay sayang..
u show me how to get to ur house nxt time ok!

At 22 December, 2008 22:50 , Blogger wen said...

haha i'm trying to convince her to let me do so as well =/


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