Thursday, December 04, 2008


Room was completed at least three days late, there's still work to be done around the living hall, kitchen and my parent's room. They must finish by today because my relatives from Singapore are coming over tonight, and by Sunday my maternal grandparents and some cousins will be coming over as well for the school holidays.

How long they'll be here, I have no idea. Everything that has to do with the new house has bad timing. Renovation works, moving in, travelling, relatives coming over when I'm just about to sit for my finals, sigh.

Been reaching Uni by 8.30am at the latest (more often than not I'm there by 8.15am) every time I have class, even if it's at 12pm. I now travel with my sis to KLCC, and get the train from there to Bangsar and then either the HELP or RapidKL bus to KPD. Sadness no?

There's something wrong with my PC. Might have to change the motherboard. Wth, if I knew there were so many problems with my brother's old PC, I wouldn't have changed both CD-ROMs and hard drive and now change the motherboard. I'll have just gotten a new CPU. Not like the current one is damn geng or what. Ish.

PSY112 finals on the 10th, then 106's is on the 15th and my Accouts finals fall on the 16th. Won't be able to go for prom anymore since I can't get transport back to my home that's in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully plans to go to Jogoya will fall through la, if not me very sad.

Need to save alot of money for my Mt KK climb. Sis said the 3d2n climb will cost at least RM1.6k and that's all I have in my bank atm. Still have to save/earn the money to pay for the remaining days I'm in KK, and also for other expenses. I'm pulling a negative now in my monthly budget. Always end up using more than I have, and off to the ATM I go. Sigh. Thank goodness my parents are wise enough to not give me a credit card.

Gonna go for breakfast and the library should be open by then. Time to hit the books. Hope my head doesn't hit the books. Already drooled on one library book before, don't wanna drool on another or even worse, my notes O.O!!


At 06 December, 2008 17:19 , Blogger wen said...

u know, if u really wanna go prom...
i can fetch u back! heehee
unless ur prom is in the heart of kl la. then i'll get lost :)

At 09 December, 2008 03:29 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

At least u have more money saved than me. My savings is literally 0.

At 10 December, 2008 16:53 , Blogger electronicfly said...

wen: hahaha eh your car's still here kah? eh eh text or call me! I don't know what number you're using, other than your aussie one..

simon: but your monthly income is more than 10 times of mine at least!


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