Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Photos

Open door now, or I poop on your couch.


White water rafting, grade 0.5


My current state.

I don't. I learn by facilitated diffusion. Beat that, kitty kat! (woo me made rhymie)

Harley's last meeting with us before he leaves for SG.

Mr Krabbs.

Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds. May Contain Traces of Nuts.
There better be more that just traces of nuts in there!

Poop (I think) on my feather boa. Yes, I cut it out right after took this photo.

So drink beer. Microorganisms just puke in it.

Nuffnangers.. tsk tsk. Why everyone so interested in sex only one har?
(Oh btw, look at who's post was most popular that day)

Nothing else needs to be said.

On wall in the ladies' loo @ Italiannies Sunway, which is beside a bar.

Alvin's wearing Szen's cardigan, and Zhen's scarf. Cannot get any gayer than this.
Wait. I think he can!

Tradition, revived.

The closest we have to a full club photo. Need to Photoshop Lilian into it for completion. Hee.

Kids, pay attention in class.

Stairs out of Dang Wangi's LRT station. I hope the escalator never fails.

First trip to NuffnangKL's office.

Dawn's iPod. Pay attention to the last folder's name.

This is another scheduled post. When this is published, I would be in the exam hall exam-ing.



At 16 December, 2008 06:37 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

Looks who used Sex to get to Innit top.

At 17 December, 2008 01:03 , Blogger BernardC said...

So random


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