Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Time waster

I thought I could save time and RM2.40 (I know I'm cheap so what blueks) by hitching a ride with a friend who uses either the LDP or NKVE to get home.

By the time he realised that the LDP was gonna be converted to a big parking lot, we had already walked 49107402174012741 kilometers (hehe yes I exaggerate) to his car and was driving out of the parking housing area.

He ended up dropping me of at the main block of my uni.


Ended up waiting for the bus, and of all days, the bus have to be tardy on the day I was going to take it. Called dad who was waiting at the old house to come and get me after waiting for the bus for at least 30 minutes. The wait for dad to come? 45 minutes. All thanks to that big parking lot named LDP.

From there it was another 90 minutes to get home as we had to go through a small portion of another parking lot (Old Klang Road). All in all? Almost three hours to get home.

How to lose weight to get fit for KK la? Have to kill time by eating. Haih.



At 12 December, 2008 22:09 , Blogger wen said...

do, you know, those butt exercises for ppl in the office while ur in the car ;)

At 13 December, 2008 11:23 , Blogger electronicfly said...

which one, the squeeze and release ah?



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