Thursday, January 29, 2009


Frasers Centrepoint Malls in Singapore came up with a great way for shoppers to reuse their red packets.

Looks like an ordinary ang pau right?

But look, perforated!

Instructions greet you once you open the packet.

Diagrams oso got.

If you can't follow these instructions, don't bother trying to do origami.

The designers remembered everything but one point.

Bottom flap's glue's too strong la!

Finished product. Pretty hor?

Who knows Mandarin? Translate that for me please?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quickest CNY trip

For the first time that I can remember, I'm back home on the second day of CNY. At this time I'm usually playing cards with relatives while waiting to whack down good home cooked food.

Instead I'm already back home after a rushed late lunch with my aunt and her family before they rush home to Singapore. So sad, the kiddos have classes on the third day of CNY. Eh Singapore, give la your schoolkids another day at least!

I didn't gamble this year! Not because I suddenly became a good girl wth but because no one opened tables. Uncle who is usually the dealer's in SG, teman-ing his son who's studying there now, and open table day at my maternal grandparents' is tonight. I'm 2 hours away from gambling wth.

Does anyone else feel that this year's CNY isn't as "wong" as previous years? My father's brother didn't even have to rent an apartment for the rest of the family to sleep in this year. You see, my dad's side of the family is HUGE. Not only does he have many siblings, but each sibling also have a number of kids, who in turn have their own kids! It's quite hard to fit 4 generations of Tohs in that one house, so my uncle usually rents an apartment or two from the closest hotel to fit anyone who comes after the house and shophouse have both been filled.

This year, there was extra space at the shophouse. :(

Many of my cousins went to their husband's side first while some relatives got food poisoning the night before. With my family and another's leaving before the end of the first day, there isn't much reason to rent extra rooms.

So sad.

Ok ok, CNY, have to stop moping now. Gonna go unpack my bag and clean up now. Buhbye.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I stole a photo

And then Photoshopped it to make my wallpaper.

My first idea was to make a collage of my closer friends, then I had to choose which friends, what photos.

Not an easy task.

Then I changed my mind and started looking for family photos.

I have hardly any.

Got tired of searching my hard drive for things that I could use, so I loaded trusty Google and searched for my fung shui shape, the circle.

Clicked around, added "vectors" into the search term, came across this

from Fotolia. Bingo!

At first I wanted to just Photoshop the watermarks away but I had trouble extending the background gradient to fit my 1440x900 dimension. In the end I didn't quite like what I got so I started fiddling with the filters, positions, sizes and colours.

My final work:

Me very happi happi~~ especially after all the previous failed attempts using human models. Geometry ftw!

(Fotolia: If I made a boo boo with copyright infringement, do contact me. Copyrighted material will be removed... though I really like my wallpaper now. :( )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bigger isn't always better.

Replaced my old Samsung 15 inch monitor with ViewSonic's 19 inch wide screen monitor.

It's too big for my desk until I have to sit quite far out from my desk, but at least I can watch movies clearly while pooping in the loo lying down on the bed.

There isn't any space left on the desk for me to put my calender after positioning my new Altec Lansing speakers either, but they're well worth the lack of space.

Getting my pc up and running perfectly was like prepping a 10 year old car for the road after not moving it for 5 years. I think I've sent it out for diagnosis/repair and gone out to buy new stuff at least 6 times.

Round One:
Samsung DVD-ROM = RM64
Samsung DVD-RW = RM90
IDE Hard Disk Drive 160GB = RM148
Total = RM302 to Computer War in SS2

Round Two:
Diagnosis = Free
Battery = RM5
(Only realised that there's a battery on the motherboard recently. Hehe)

Round Three:
512mb RAM = RM75
GeForce FX5500 graphic card = RM130
Service charge = RM50
Total = RM255 to some shop near my house

Round Four:
ViewSonic 19 inch Widescreen LDC monitor = RM399
Altec Lansing VS2420 speakers = RM138
Total = RM547 to Computer War again.

Total damage = RM1104,not including keyboard (forgot how much it was) and mouse (using an old rollerball one. Works better on the Ikea desk protector than an optical one. Something to do with light diffusion and all that)

Up next:

A note to anyone who wants extra great service from the Computer War staff: Go there earlier in the day rather than in the evening. Then the staff there actually have time to go through with you what's best for your needs that's still in your budget. They'll even layan you and set up stuff for you to compare and play with.

Update: Nuffnangers, what did you think I was referring to? xP

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monitor, Gone.

Ish ish ishhhhh.

Fi's old CRT monitor doesn't seem to like me. It worked at her place, but not at mine. Will give it another try later but if it still doesn't work I have to get a new monitor very very soon. I won't be able to wait until the next PCFair in April as I have truckloads of assignments to do, with a major one due Feb 13th already. Yes, my lecturer doesn't care that it's the eve of Valentine's Day.

Heck, he even scheduled a replacement class on Valentine's Day itself.

Romantic, no?

I hope your wife will help up get revenge.


Here's to hoping the third Adobe Photoshop CD I bought will work.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet another thing that needs to be changed

My monitor's dying. Going to crosscheck it with my sister's CPU and when it's confirmed, I donno la.

PC fair isn't until April.

Don't feel like borrowing Fi's spare monitor.

If I do change that, I would be totally regretting fixing up the old PC, since in the end the only thing that's old would be the motherboard, which needs to be changed when I have the money for it.

Sigh. Should have just gotten a totally new system instead.

Update: Yeap, the monitor's gone. Going over to Fi's to get hers either on Monday morning or Tuesday evening. Sigh.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Filing system

I need to sort out and prioritize a whole damn lot of things.

Definitely retiring from one side. Should I temporarily quit from the other? Will want to join back in a later period though.

Can I stick to the plan that's formulating in my head at this moment?

Would it turn out like my notebook project, halfway done but yet unfinished.

I can not let that happen. But would I?

Life hits you in the face with a truckload of questions.

Where are the fucking answers?

Can someone please create a RL character editor.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My baby turned 21

If you didn't know, I'm a mom. With a daughter. Who's two months older than me.


Don't worry if you don't get it, you're not supposed to.

Jan 3rd was the day my baby celebrated her 21st birthday since her real birthday falls on a Tuesday instead of a weekend.

(Happy birthday again Hawaii!)

Guess who's the birthday girl?

Wennie praying it's her birthday while Mae pretends to chomp on a fork?

With family.

With extended family.


Oh man.

We're turning/ turned 21 this year. The year we are considered adults by law, the year we can enter the casino without having to sneak in, the year we are supposed to be matured and responsible.

Meh. Not for me. I don't have the money to gamble in casinos and I'm already responsible for my actions anyway, but ask me to be more matured? That's like force feeding a newborn a steak.


I'm still going to act cute when I want to, merajuk when I want to, giggle at lewd jokes (but only if it's good and I'm in the mood la) but most of all, I'm going to keep the child in me. I might even bring the kiddo out more often too.

Two months until it's my turn. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh no, more dripping!

Not the air conditioner this time (new machine leh, where can spoil so fast?), but my nose.

Yeap, fly's got the flu bug.

I'm all out sick now with migraines + runny nose + achy body + sore throat + cough.

Hatez itz.

Hoping I'll get well before CNY (zomb 13 more days!) but knowing my medical history, I'll probably spend the new year with red packets in one pocket and tissue in the other while I gamble to get my mind off all the yum yum yummy treats that I have to stay away.


Update: Uggh. I feel like puking again. As in the feeling came again, not I puked earlier. Please let me feel better for Friday's class. I hate missing lessons.

Monday, January 12, 2009

NYE 2008

Extremely late post. One year ago leh. xD

We wanted to have Girl's Night Out v2.0 on the Christmas eve, but Raech couldn't make it so we made NYE our GNOv2.0. NYE wasn't as NYE-ey (if you get what I mean) this year than the past few years. When our alarms rang at midnight all we did was go "Oh! Happy New Year!" and continued our game. Heh.

(Photos are going to be worse than usual. I don't have a working copy of Photoshop installed yet, so I've not tweaked the colours.)

Mae's house... in her living room.

Classmates again at long last!


Hmm. What were we playing? Jackass or Devil's Icantrememberthelastword?

Muacks muacks!

Mae's friends who are now our friends: Wilcent and I'mSoSorryICutYouOut Kevin.

Supposed to be Wen holding a sword and me with a bow and arrow.

Sabo..ter. Hehe.

No idea what Stef was laughing about.

Didn't do as much serious talking then compared to last year, mainly because we were either too high or too drunk to maintain a proper conversation.

But still, right at the end, emo time.

I didn't stay the night with the others. :( Mom still won't let me sleep over at people's homes, but at least my sis was in PJ with her own celebration so I could at least stay until about 3, 4ish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Using MouseKeys

Bleh. Still not gotten my mouse yet. Anything that fit my hand doesn't fit my budget, and whatever that fits my budget doesn't fit my hand.

I should have just thrown the whole CPU but kept the case when my brother brought it back. So far, only the case, motherboard and fan is old, everthing else is brand new. Motherboard's mouse and mic ports are dead while the fan is super noisy so I'll be on the lookout for those two when I have the budget.

Those are definitely going onto my wishlist, along with a sound system (uh huh, no speakers. I'm using earphones atm), a PNS camera with anti-shake (haha like what PNS doesn't have that now) and money. Loads of money. Still haven't saved enough for my KK trip. :/

Stupid Photoshop CD I bought from the vendor doesn't work. Some RAR error. Went back earlier this week and tried doing what he said to do but it still doesn't work. Sigh. Having four folders of photos to tweak bugs me. OCD-ish I know. I think I have a mild case of it. Ask anyone and they'll probably agree.

Reinstalled everything for the fourth time. All that's left is to clear my desk for the laser printer and install that. Where am I going to put everything? Ishhhh. Initially I thought my desk will be big enough to place everything and still have some space for me to study but boy was I wrong. I'll probably end up studying on my bed again. Hehe.

2AM. Gonna try to go to sleep. Nighty night all.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Blue screen of death

If you're on my FB or follow my twitter, you'll know what happened. Sigh.

I took over my brother's old pc at the start of 2008. Replaced the obviously broken stuff like the HDD and DVD-ROMs but I didn't test it out as there was no space for me to set it up.

Jeng jeng jeng! Months later, I moved into my new home. Once I settled down and gotten the desk protectors from Ikea (My desk design is uber stupid. Gets scratched so easily. Sigh) I cursed my pc many, many times.

From a spoilt OS cd to missing drivers to ports that aren't working (should I change the motherboard? Mouse port, 1 usb port and 1 mic port spoilt. Motherboard is at least 5 years old. Grrr), to my wireless keyboard and mouse dying (luckily I had a replacement for my keyboard, so I can at least use MouseKeys to navigate) I presevered and fixed my PC myself.

Until about a week after I got my pc to an acceptable working condition, when my graphic card started to die, only did I give up and send my PC out for repairs. I didn't want the trouble of looking for a graphic card that can work for me and installing it would be a pain since I don't know $h!+ when it comes to hardware. I sent it out yesterday and today, the repairman called.

*in Cantonese* "Hey, did your pc give you any error messages when you were using it? The blue screen keeps on popping up"

In my mind I was WTF?

Never in my entire life have I done anything to cause the blue screen of death to pop up.

The repairman said it is probably the graphic card's driver causing the problems, so he said he will back up my stuff, format my C: drive and reinstal it.

Oh please let it work.

Though it's more than 24 hours since that last call, and he hasn't called yet.


/me very afraid. I don't have the budget to get a new motherboard, graphic card, fan, et cetera.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Random Thoughts, v2.0

Yes, it's this once again. This time round, it's thoughts I got not while sitting in front of the PC, but those I had at my new place. No TV, no computer. The only form of entertainment I have there is the radio, my phone and annoying my family. That, or housework. x|

Yah I know, so boring until I run up and write this down somewhere everytime I get a random thought.

  1. Oh please let my height measurement be accurate 'cause then my BMI would have finally dropped from overweight to normal! Borderline-y la, but still great news!
  2. I love the new air conditioner. Not only does it cool my whole room really quickly, but it also doesn't leak!
  3. Just found out that my mom took a 3 year leave from work as she was preggers with me just to take care of me. I feel so extremely loved spoiltbratty. Haha no wonder I am always chubby. It's all the love yo. You know, the "nah, you take the last piece la" and "Fei, what do you want to eat?". =DDD
  4. Easiest way to prepare Indomee goreng: Open packet and eat. HAHAHAHA. I did mine the harder but cheaper way though.
  5. When a spoon is unavailable to stir your drink, use your finger. Advice valid for cold or room temperature drinks only. I am not liable for injuries caused by you stirring your hot cup of coffee with your finger.
  6. Have to start thinking of ways to make money. Mt KK climb is going to cost a bomb.
  7. Accounting is for providing financial information to a wide range of users in order to make decisions in resource allocation, or to torture Psych students like me who thought Accounts would be interesting. I have a feeling it's the latter.
  8. Twice already I ran up to my room wanting to write something down, but forgot once I reach my room.
  9. Should I get that clutch? It's only RM20 and unique, but it's a blue batik print one, so it's harder to match, and I might not be able to fit my camera into it. But it's damn cool! Ish. Broke-ness.

Update: Wooo, I forgot I had this. Last entry to this was 24th November 2008. A year ago. Hahaha.

Stopped at number nine but not because I didn't have random thoughts, but because I either forget it by the time I get a piece of paper and a pen or I was too lazy to do so. Heee.

Will show/tell you all how I spent my Christmas eve and New Year's eve once I get a working copy of Photoshop. I seriously need a new camera with the anti-shake function. The current camera I'm using is so old it doesn't have that function built in, and I also can't change the shutter speed manually so to compensate for my shaky hands I have to either brace the camera on something or use the flash, which drains out so much colour. =/

21st birthday present, anyone? =D

Much love,

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

May 2009 be better for you in every way.

Cheers everyone, and please get back in one piece.