Sunday, February 01, 2009

21st wishlist

You have approximately 35 days to go shop for these things.

Hair curler, ceramic coated please thankkew!

Wii with raving rabbits (my sis said there's a new Raving Rabbits game out!!)

Mouse, electronic kind please, not small, squeaky kind.
Oh, and the thing about my desk is that I'm using Ikea's clear plastic desk protectors, so optical mice don't work well with it without a mousepad, but the old ball mice works wonders. Best size: 10cm long, 5 cm across. Scroll wheel is a must if you don't want me to dump it somewhere and forget about it.

Ikea containers, big and small. 1 set small, two big. (Steph and Pegs are getting me this, no idea which one though lol!)

This is the big one. Other colours than pink or red. Blue, green or white would match my room more.

Ditto for this.

Voucher for full body massage. When I don't get a good night's rest, my back hurts... alot. I think I've been tossing and turning in my sleep alot these days.

Something to get rid of all my blackheads! I'm thinking of trying that mask-in-a-tube thing from Watsons. Not sure if it works though.

Blank cds/dvds. I don't need that many, even 50's enough. Just need it to burn stuff that I really want to keep like photos and Uni work, as well as the odd anime series.

Rich bf who drives/ chauffeur/ permission from mom to stay over at friends' places. You do not know how sad my social life is now! I'm thinking of planning something in KL for my birthday, but I don't think my parents will approve gjfewj gfedfggjsdhng!

Makeover class, and a budget for a makeover. (Can I do this for prom? Please? So pretty the detailing!)

New PNS camera. Must have function: anti-shake. Seriously, my hands are so unsteady most of the time if you put a cocktail shaker in my hands it'll be done in 1 minute.

Mmmm.. yummy. But the T300 kicks it's ass for design though.

Money's an evergreen gift option. :D

New jacket. With or without a hoodie's fine, but I want something with a dark colour. If it has animal prints on the liner, even better. I'm tired of getting my white jacket dirty.

New shades and specs. I prefer my shades to be without power since I wear contacts just about everytime I leave the house, but for my specs my power is 175 yar. :P

Lens shape like this, with the metal bar so I won't accidentally snap it, but

I want wider spec "arms"(?) to block out the light coming in from the corners. Jah I know I'm picky. That's why I haven't gotten them myself. I can't find my perfect pair or one that's close to the one I lost. :(

RM50 charged to your credit card for me to print photos from eoeonline. Eh, 4R is only RM0.30 per copy leh! Very cheap! With that RM50 I can fill my whole photo album d.

Sponsor my KK trip. Or even just the things I need to buy before the trip also can. I need to get climbing shoes, the tongkat thingy, power bars, and other stuff I can't think of atm.

Alliance of Light - Stormed Fortress from Janny Wurts (available in MPH but not Kinokuniya)
(Mini update: Someone told me she's getting this for me, but not found it yet. :D)

Terry cloth bathrobe.

Pretty hor this one? But mummy said being colourful isn't my fung shui thing so howww?

Piggy bank. The one I'm using's cracked. Too much money hahahah wth I'm so broke.

Bought it when I was 9 (or 10?) in thailand. 100 baht for 3. I got one for myself, a gold one for sis and a blue one for bro. The seller was a lady with a makeshift stall at the roadside. See I love it so much now can still remember.Boo it's cracked.

A long purse, something like this. Bifold, many card holders, place for notes (duh) and one for coins. Dark colours are prefered since I will be using it for a long long long long time. Dirty d not nice. :(

DDR pad for the TV, without having to use the console.
The Jusco near my house has a DDR machine there and it costs only RM1 for 2 players to play 3 rounds, but in the long run alot of money also lo. Like this then I can exercise at home ma. :D
I would like two please, so can play with my sis also, but if you can find it I won't mind paying for one myself.

A long colour block skirt. I know, it's a picture of a dress, but I want a skirt. Long like boho skirts, but I want the colour block's scheme to be something like the dress's. Different colours yet still complements each other. And please keep the reciept. I takut I taboleh pakai oh.

Ankle length gladiator sandals, WITHOUT the zip at the back. Something that looks alot like this one is the best. If you can find this, or one without the diamantes, I'll LOVE it. I wear Vincci's size 7 yar. Again, keep the reciept!

(New readers: You probably think that I'm quite not shy leh, birthday present also want to demand. Well, think of it this way. 1: I don't get annoyed when 49021749021764021 people ask me what I want. 2: They can see my whole lists of wants right here. 3: I get something I want, they don't have to empty their wallets getting me something I have no use for. 4: It's my birthday, I'll be spoilt if I want to~~ (sing it!)

Update: Oooooh I forgot!


Eh eh another update:
I want a new watch! Metal one please, that won't rust on my arm like my China "Cartier" wth the back there all black d one. I now have no watch that I can wear everywhere that will match with everything so sad horrrrr I knowwww.

Haha yes updating this again.

I want this for uni! It's crazy big so I can stuff everything in. I think I can use it for 1 nighters too. :D Get it from TheMilkyland for RM48. Muacks!


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