Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bigger isn't always better.

Replaced my old Samsung 15 inch monitor with ViewSonic's 19 inch wide screen monitor.

It's too big for my desk until I have to sit quite far out from my desk, but at least I can watch movies clearly while pooping in the loo lying down on the bed.

There isn't any space left on the desk for me to put my calender after positioning my new Altec Lansing speakers either, but they're well worth the lack of space.

Getting my pc up and running perfectly was like prepping a 10 year old car for the road after not moving it for 5 years. I think I've sent it out for diagnosis/repair and gone out to buy new stuff at least 6 times.

Round One:
Samsung DVD-ROM = RM64
Samsung DVD-RW = RM90
IDE Hard Disk Drive 160GB = RM148
Total = RM302 to Computer War in SS2

Round Two:
Diagnosis = Free
Battery = RM5
(Only realised that there's a battery on the motherboard recently. Hehe)

Round Three:
512mb RAM = RM75
GeForce FX5500 graphic card = RM130
Service charge = RM50
Total = RM255 to some shop near my house

Round Four:
ViewSonic 19 inch Widescreen LDC monitor = RM399
Altec Lansing VS2420 speakers = RM138
Total = RM547 to Computer War again.

Total damage = RM1104,not including keyboard (forgot how much it was) and mouse (using an old rollerball one. Works better on the Ikea desk protector than an optical one. Something to do with light diffusion and all that)

Up next:

A note to anyone who wants extra great service from the Computer War staff: Go there earlier in the day rather than in the evening. Then the staff there actually have time to go through with you what's best for your needs that's still in your budget. They'll even layan you and set up stuff for you to compare and play with.

Update: Nuffnangers, what did you think I was referring to? xP


At 23 January, 2009 00:16 , Blogger 陈一豪 said...

Ya Computer War FTW!

I usually speak to James there.


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