Friday, January 09, 2009

Blue screen of death

If you're on my FB or follow my twitter, you'll know what happened. Sigh.

I took over my brother's old pc at the start of 2008. Replaced the obviously broken stuff like the HDD and DVD-ROMs but I didn't test it out as there was no space for me to set it up.

Jeng jeng jeng! Months later, I moved into my new home. Once I settled down and gotten the desk protectors from Ikea (My desk design is uber stupid. Gets scratched so easily. Sigh) I cursed my pc many, many times.

From a spoilt OS cd to missing drivers to ports that aren't working (should I change the motherboard? Mouse port, 1 usb port and 1 mic port spoilt. Motherboard is at least 5 years old. Grrr), to my wireless keyboard and mouse dying (luckily I had a replacement for my keyboard, so I can at least use MouseKeys to navigate) I presevered and fixed my PC myself.

Until about a week after I got my pc to an acceptable working condition, when my graphic card started to die, only did I give up and send my PC out for repairs. I didn't want the trouble of looking for a graphic card that can work for me and installing it would be a pain since I don't know $h!+ when it comes to hardware. I sent it out yesterday and today, the repairman called.

*in Cantonese* "Hey, did your pc give you any error messages when you were using it? The blue screen keeps on popping up"

In my mind I was WTF?

Never in my entire life have I done anything to cause the blue screen of death to pop up.

The repairman said it is probably the graphic card's driver causing the problems, so he said he will back up my stuff, format my C: drive and reinstal it.

Oh please let it work.

Though it's more than 24 hours since that last call, and he hasn't called yet.


/me very afraid. I don't have the budget to get a new motherboard, graphic card, fan, et cetera.


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