Friday, January 23, 2009

I stole a photo

And then Photoshopped it to make my wallpaper.

My first idea was to make a collage of my closer friends, then I had to choose which friends, what photos.

Not an easy task.

Then I changed my mind and started looking for family photos.

I have hardly any.

Got tired of searching my hard drive for things that I could use, so I loaded trusty Google and searched for my fung shui shape, the circle.

Clicked around, added "vectors" into the search term, came across this

from Fotolia. Bingo!

At first I wanted to just Photoshop the watermarks away but I had trouble extending the background gradient to fit my 1440x900 dimension. In the end I didn't quite like what I got so I started fiddling with the filters, positions, sizes and colours.

My final work:

Me very happi happi~~ especially after all the previous failed attempts using human models. Geometry ftw!

(Fotolia: If I made a boo boo with copyright infringement, do contact me. Copyrighted material will be removed... though I really like my wallpaper now. :( )


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