Monday, January 12, 2009

NYE 2008

Extremely late post. One year ago leh. xD

We wanted to have Girl's Night Out v2.0 on the Christmas eve, but Raech couldn't make it so we made NYE our GNOv2.0. NYE wasn't as NYE-ey (if you get what I mean) this year than the past few years. When our alarms rang at midnight all we did was go "Oh! Happy New Year!" and continued our game. Heh.

(Photos are going to be worse than usual. I don't have a working copy of Photoshop installed yet, so I've not tweaked the colours.)

Mae's house... in her living room.

Classmates again at long last!


Hmm. What were we playing? Jackass or Devil's Icantrememberthelastword?

Muacks muacks!

Mae's friends who are now our friends: Wilcent and I'mSoSorryICutYouOut Kevin.

Supposed to be Wen holding a sword and me with a bow and arrow.

Sabo..ter. Hehe.

No idea what Stef was laughing about.

Didn't do as much serious talking then compared to last year, mainly because we were either too high or too drunk to maintain a proper conversation.

But still, right at the end, emo time.

I didn't stay the night with the others. :( Mom still won't let me sleep over at people's homes, but at least my sis was in PJ with her own celebration so I could at least stay until about 3, 4ish.


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