Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh no, more dripping!

Not the air conditioner this time (new machine leh, where can spoil so fast?), but my nose.

Yeap, fly's got the flu bug.

I'm all out sick now with migraines + runny nose + achy body + sore throat + cough.

Hatez itz.

Hoping I'll get well before CNY (zomb 13 more days!) but knowing my medical history, I'll probably spend the new year with red packets in one pocket and tissue in the other while I gamble to get my mind off all the yum yum yummy treats that I have to stay away.


Update: Uggh. I feel like puking again. As in the feeling came again, not I puked earlier. Please let me feel better for Friday's class. I hate missing lessons.


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