Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quickest CNY trip

For the first time that I can remember, I'm back home on the second day of CNY. At this time I'm usually playing cards with relatives while waiting to whack down good home cooked food.

Instead I'm already back home after a rushed late lunch with my aunt and her family before they rush home to Singapore. So sad, the kiddos have classes on the third day of CNY. Eh Singapore, give la your schoolkids another day at least!

I didn't gamble this year! Not because I suddenly became a good girl wth but because no one opened tables. Uncle who is usually the dealer's in SG, teman-ing his son who's studying there now, and open table day at my maternal grandparents' is tonight. I'm 2 hours away from gambling wth.

Does anyone else feel that this year's CNY isn't as "wong" as previous years? My father's brother didn't even have to rent an apartment for the rest of the family to sleep in this year. You see, my dad's side of the family is HUGE. Not only does he have many siblings, but each sibling also have a number of kids, who in turn have their own kids! It's quite hard to fit 4 generations of Tohs in that one house, so my uncle usually rents an apartment or two from the closest hotel to fit anyone who comes after the house and shophouse have both been filled.

This year, there was extra space at the shophouse. :(

Many of my cousins went to their husband's side first while some relatives got food poisoning the night before. With my family and another's leaving before the end of the first day, there isn't much reason to rent extra rooms.

So sad.

Ok ok, CNY, have to stop moping now. Gonna go unpack my bag and clean up now. Buhbye.


At 28 January, 2009 20:19 , Blogger Amilyn said...

awwwhh im moping around as well, back to school to study. grrh! i also didn't get to gamble this cny. lol


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