Friday, January 02, 2009

Random Thoughts, v2.0

Yes, it's this once again. This time round, it's thoughts I got not while sitting in front of the PC, but those I had at my new place. No TV, no computer. The only form of entertainment I have there is the radio, my phone and annoying my family. That, or housework. x|

Yah I know, so boring until I run up and write this down somewhere everytime I get a random thought.

  1. Oh please let my height measurement be accurate 'cause then my BMI would have finally dropped from overweight to normal! Borderline-y la, but still great news!
  2. I love the new air conditioner. Not only does it cool my whole room really quickly, but it also doesn't leak!
  3. Just found out that my mom took a 3 year leave from work as she was preggers with me just to take care of me. I feel so extremely loved spoiltbratty. Haha no wonder I am always chubby. It's all the love yo. You know, the "nah, you take the last piece la" and "Fei, what do you want to eat?". =DDD
  4. Easiest way to prepare Indomee goreng: Open packet and eat. HAHAHAHA. I did mine the harder but cheaper way though.
  5. When a spoon is unavailable to stir your drink, use your finger. Advice valid for cold or room temperature drinks only. I am not liable for injuries caused by you stirring your hot cup of coffee with your finger.
  6. Have to start thinking of ways to make money. Mt KK climb is going to cost a bomb.
  7. Accounting is for providing financial information to a wide range of users in order to make decisions in resource allocation, or to torture Psych students like me who thought Accounts would be interesting. I have a feeling it's the latter.
  8. Twice already I ran up to my room wanting to write something down, but forgot once I reach my room.
  9. Should I get that clutch? It's only RM20 and unique, but it's a blue batik print one, so it's harder to match, and I might not be able to fit my camera into it. But it's damn cool! Ish. Broke-ness.

Update: Wooo, I forgot I had this. Last entry to this was 24th November 2008. A year ago. Hahaha.

Stopped at number nine but not because I didn't have random thoughts, but because I either forget it by the time I get a piece of paper and a pen or I was too lazy to do so. Heee.

Will show/tell you all how I spent my Christmas eve and New Year's eve once I get a working copy of Photoshop. I seriously need a new camera with the anti-shake function. The current camera I'm using is so old it doesn't have that function built in, and I also can't change the shutter speed manually so to compensate for my shaky hands I have to either brace the camera on something or use the flash, which drains out so much colour. =/

21st birthday present, anyone? =D

Much love,


At 03 January, 2009 14:48 , Blogger wen said...

blog more about sex
*scratches chin wisely*

At 05 January, 2009 07:02 , Blogger Simon Seow said...

Huh? When's your birthday?

At 05 January, 2009 07:55 , Blogger electronicfly said...

march. :P


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